Swirly Cool Whip Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter is right around the corner, so we wanted to give you a fun twist on traditional egg dying methods. Create some fun memories and beautiful eggs with Cool Whip, and be able to eat them after! Keep them fresh in your PackIt Freezable Snack Box to make sure your kids have the coolest, healthy snack in school! 

Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocado Recipe

Stuffed avocados are a great way to have fresh avocado and some protein on the go. This is an easy recipe to make at the beginning of the week for grab-and-go lunches. Bring an avocado and a jar of your filling in your Freezable PackIt Lunch Bag to keep them as fresh as possible throughout the day!

Breakfast In Bed: Valentine's Weekend Healthy Oat and Banana Pancakes

If you won't get a chance to celebrate until the weekend, why not surprise your love with breakfast in bed? There's something romantic about someone else taking the time to make you a yummy meal and bring it to you. Bring fresh and dry ingredients in a PackIt Hampton Lunch Bag and show your significant other that you love them, with our healthy alternative to boxed pancakes or waffles this Valentine's weekend.

DIY Galentine's Spa Day

Surprise your gal pals with a homemade face mask and lip scrub to treat yo’ beautiful selves with this Valentine’s Day! There are so many easy DIY spa goodies that you can make and keep chilled in your PackIt Lunch Bag