Cinco De Mayo is about a celebration! It is about embracing the culture and enjoying delicious food, even better drinks, and great company! On today's happy hour menu we are showing you how to make a Coconut Lime Mojito! We are taking a step away from the traditional margaritas and giving your Cinco De Mayo party a new and refreshing drink to enjoy!



Step 1.

To prepare this drink all you need are limes, mint leaves, simple syrup, your favorite rum, and coconut water. We first prepared mint and lime ice cubes, but in this case we'll call them ice cacti! First you want to pick the mint leaves off of the stem and rinse them off. Place the leaves in the palm of your hands and press your palms together as if your gripping your hands. Press your palms together a few times. What this is doing is bruising the mint leaves, which allows the leaves to extract more flavor; you may even smell the strong mint aroma after doing this.


Then before slicing your limes, lay your lime flat on the counter and apply some pressure to the lime rolling it back and forth. Then slice your limes into smaller pieces. Next tear your mint leaves into smaller pieces and place into each slot of the tray. Then take your lime and squeeze a little bit into each slot and fill the rest of each one with water. Place in the freezer until fully frozen.


Step 2.

Once your ice cubes are done you can start assembling your drink! Place a few ice cacti and bruised mint leaves into each cup. Then in a mason jar or a cocktail shaker squeeze 1 lime. Add in two tablespoons of lime simple syrup (learn how to make your own homemade simple syrup by clicking here), 1 cup of coconut water, 1/4 cup of rum, a dash of sparkling water, ice, and a few mint leaves. Shake this all together until evenly mixed together. Pour this into your glasses and add a lime slice and a sprig of mint on the edge for decoration.


Step 3.

We paired our drink with paper cactus straws that went with our cacti ice! If you aren't the one hosting the Cinco De Mayo Celebration, easily package these ingredients and keep them cool in our Freezable Fiesta Lunch Bag. It will keep all your ingredients upright and prevent any from spilling. Now it's time for you to enjoy your drink and celebrate Cinco De Mayo, responsibly that is!



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