As a parent, I like making sandwiches because it's easy to make, cheap and tasty, but our kids may not like it for lunch every day. 

So how can we keep this easy-to-make lunch item not so boring?

Use cookie cutters!

Here is what you need to pack this fun and easy lunch for you or for your kids:

  1. PackIt Flex Bento Container
  2. Different cookie cutter shapes
  3. Veggie sticks (I used red peppers, jicama and carrots)
  4. Ranch dressing (use any favorite dip or sauce)
  5. Pretzels or any yummy snack of your choice
  6. Sandwich ingredients (I used 4 slices of organic bread, nitrate-free deli meat and cheddar cheese)
  7. Thin spread of dressing like mustard or mayonnaise for extra flavor and to help keep the sammies together

PackIt Flex Bento Container


The dividers are bendable and allow you to create unique compartments. And the dip cup is leak-proof

  1. Decide what spaces you need for your meal and snacks
  2. Keep the first divider straight and slide onto the posts
  3. Bend the second divider and slide onto posts
  4. Place the leak-proof dip cup

PackIt Flex Bento Container

PackIt Flex Bento Container


  • Place veggie sticks in the first section created with the straight divider
  • Pour the ranch dressing into the dip cup
  • Add pretzels in the section where the bendable divider is placed
  • Make 2 sandwiches
  • Take cookie cutters and cut out shapes. Depending on the size of the shapes, you can get 2 shapes from each sandwich
  • Pack the fun sammies in the larger section

PackIt Flex Bento Container

Voila! Lunch is done. 

PackIt Flex Bento Container

And to make this lunch even more amazing, keep it fresh in a PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box or a PackIt Freezable Hampton Lunch Bag until lunchtime.

Just freeze the bag overnight, pack your PackIt Flex Bento Lunch, a drink and go. No ice packs needed!

Check out this compatibility chart to find your ideal pair of a PackIt Freezable Lunch Cooler and a PackIt Customizable Bento Container.

Please share your favorite lunch recipes

Written by Jeany Yoon

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