Creative Kid Meal Prep

Creative Kid Meal Prep

We are at it again with the themed lunches, and they are getting more and more fun! To see our formula for creating a fun and festive lunch, refer back to our saint patty's day themed lunch

For this lunch we went with a dinosaur theme, which is fun kids of many ages! A few food items we love to use when making these kid meal preps are:
Hard Boiled Eggs: These are the best for themed lunches. You can use a washable marker to turn them into many things, and make them cute and fun for your kids to enjoy, and they are very nutritious. For this post we turned hard boiled eggs into dinosaur eggs and threw some salad under them to create a little egg nest!
M&M's: Not the healthiest option, but everything in moderation is what we live by here at Packit. These are a great treat for themed lunches because you can pick and choose whatever colors go best with your lunch, and they go with basically anything!

Let us know what your go-to's are to make your kid's lunches fun and exciting!

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