Easter time is all about family and friends, Easter bunnies and eggs, and of course - lots of crafts! That’s why today we are giving you three different ideas you can make yourself, that will brighten your Easter Sunday a little more! First we will be decorating mason jars to create festive flower centerpieces and pair it with our DIY painted wooden silverware, and painted egg card holders!

Let's show you how to make these adorable mason jar flower arrangements. They can be used as party favors or decorations around the house, even after the holiday. They’re simple to assemble and inexpensive to buy. Think about it, one flower arrangements can cost as cheep as $12 or as expensive as $50 for just one! So instead we simply bought three different kinds of flowers and used them for multiple arrangements, getting the most of our money!

What You’ll Need:

  • Mason Jars (as many jars as centerpieces you want)
  • Ribbon (we found this roll from Michaels that came with multiple types in one)
  • Scissors
  • Tooth Pick
  • Super Glue (any kind works, as well as a hot glue gun)
  • Water
  • 3 – 4 different kinds of flowers

You want to pick 2 – 3 different kinds of ribbon you want to decorate each jar with. We varied the ribbons on each jar to give it more character, but you can always do them all the same. You’ll first want to cut a piece of each ribbon a little longer than the size of the lid of the jar. Then flip the jar so you’re looking at the back of it and wrap your ribbon around the top where you want it to be placed.

Once you find the right place you, apply a small amount of glue and press one side of the ribbon down. Here is where you can use your tooth pick to hold the ribbon on the glue for a second. Once it’s dry apply a small dab of glue on top of the exact same spot and connect the other end. Once the ribbon and glue are secure, trim any access ribbon sticking out. Repeat this step for the rest of your ribbons, layering them at different levels of the jar!

Once your jars are all done and looking beautiful, fill them up about half way with water before assembling your flower arrangement. Now here’s the fun part, putting together your flowers! Something that a lot of people do is cut the flowers and stick them in the water and build the arrangement that way.  Although you can do it this way, since there is no wrong or right way of doing this, I learned a little trick that will give you a fuller and more complete bouquet look!

What you do is start building the arrangement in your hand. You start with one flower and slowly add the others adjusting the height and placement. Once you have built your desired flower arrangement and are happy with the look you trim the stems. Always trim a little longer, because you can easily remove them and trim more if they’re too long. Once they’re the perfect length place them in the jar and admire your beautiful work!

Today we displayed them as individualized place settings, but can be used for table center pieces, decorations around the house, or party favors to give to your friends and family! In the table setting we’ve created, we placed our DIY painted wooden silverware in stemless champagne flutes instead of placed next to the plate. We then layered a larger pastel colored plate with a smaller one with the same shape. Then we topped it off a smaller bowl filled with pink and white crinkle cut, Easter malt eggs, and a hand painted egg place holder.

There you have it, your own hand crafted Easter table setting essentials to make your holiday extra special! Learn how to make this egg place holder and painted wooden silverware from our previous blogs! We hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing how you make your own Easter flower arrangements and table settings!

Written by Craig Maloney

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