Today we are giving you a fun and easy craft you can do with your little ones, that will bring out their inner artist! The whole idea behind this craft is to create silverware that matches your child’s lunch bag. The freezable lunch bag we chose for this craft is our Freezable Pastel Prism Lunch bag. The colors are perfect for this time of the year, Spring!

This craft is great for you kids, because it allows them to create something that is special to them and different from anyone else.We have many colorful, bold, and bright lunch bags, that each of your little ones can have their own different colored silverware. Also, if your child is younger, this can also help them learn colors as well as the names for different utensils, and just allowing them to be creative overall.

Let’s get started! What you’ll need to recreate this craft:

  • 3 different paint colors, depending on which bag colors you want to match
  • Masking tape
  • Paint Brush
  • Wooden Silverware

Before starting, you want to find a place where you can paint and not worry about getting messy.  First what we did was place a piece of tape across a set of spoons, forks, and knifes. Instead of doing a straight line across each one, for our fork and knife sets we placed the tape at a slant to give it a geometric look to match our Pastel Prism Lunch bag. You can place the tape however you would like, but this is a crucial step to make sure the painted area of the silverware comes out the way you intended.

Next, is the fun part ­– painting! We chose a different color for each utensil, it makes for a fun colored lunch the next day! With these wooden utensils, a little paint goes a long way and they don’t take long to dry. We applied two coats of paint on our forks with the teal color, but applied three coats on the pink and the yellow to the other utensils. You may have to do the same, since certain colors opacity differ and the first coat of paint may not achieve the color you were hoping for. However three coats of paint should be the maximum number of paint, so that it doesn’t start chipping or pealing. Between each layer of paint wait about 10 – 15 minutes for the paint to dry before applying the next coat.

Once your utensils are completely dry, you want to slowly peel off each piece of tape to make sure that you’re line comes out crisp and clean.

And now your kids will have their own set of silverware to match their lunch bags in the future! Below we’ve created a fun color guide for you to get inspiration from when it comes time for you and your kids to decide what colors to paint their utensils!

Below is a guide for more fun color themes to match the bright and colorful prints on PackIt's freezable bags! Be sure to share with us your own recreation of this craft by #packitcrafts in your images!

Written by Craig Maloney

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