Frozen Lunch Smoothie Prep Packs

Frozen Lunch Smoothie Prep Packs

Let's be real, we are all in a hurry or on-the-go 24/7! Whether it's dropping your kids off at school or trying to beat morning traffic, we always find ourselves in a rush out the house, leaving breakfast behind. That's why we have created easy frozen smoothie packs that take the same amount of time as making a cup of coffee would in the morning! They are fast, convenient, and will make your mornings a lot more nutrition filled!



We recommend you assembling these smoothie packs on a weekend or week night, before the morning rush hits! We've created three smoothie packs that are all the same, so we recommend for the other two days try switching up the recipe! These frozen smoothie packs also work as an afternoon pick-me-up or a healthy lunch. You can easily store these bags in a PackIt bag that has been freezing over night. This will ensure it keeps your frozen veggies and fruits chilled before blending it all together.



For these smoothie packs you will need an assortment of fruit of your choice, a bag a spinach, non-fat plain Greek yogurt, and milk (cow, almond, coconut, or soy). For these smoothies used prepackaged fruit assortments that you can find at any grocery store. Often times you have different choices of which fruit assortment you like, but for this recipe we went with a mango, pineapple, strawberry mixture. You can also buy fresh fruit and freeze this as well. Our recipes contain non-fat Greek yogurt that has been frozen in cubes before added to the smoothie bags. We created these cubes by taking an empty ice tray and filling each one with a scoop of Greek yogurt to the top. Leave these in over night or for a few hours until frozen.

You'll then need three medium sized Ziploc bags to create these smoothie bags. First pack 1 cup of spinach in each bag. Then add a half of a banana cut into about 1-inch pieces and two cubes of Greek yogurt. Add in 1 cup of mixed fruit, in our case it was 1 cup of frozen fruit with mangos, pineapple, and strawberries. Once you've finished adding in the ingredients, squeeze out the air in the bag and zip shut. Then you want to store these fruit packs in the freezer until you use them.




When it comes time to assemble the lunch smoothie, in a blender first pour 1 to 1¼ cup water OR milk of your choice. Then add one of your frozen smoothie packs and blend until smooth, adding extra water or milk to achieve a desired consistency. However if you know you don't have time to blend this before you get to work, pack the ingredients on-the-go. If you want milk in your smoothie rather than water, pour 1¼ cup of milk in a mason jar or a container you can take with you. Then in our Freezable Pastel Prism Lunch Bag pack your jar of milk with your smoothie pack and hit the road!

These smoothie packs are filled with all the vitamins and ingredients your body needs daily! They provide you with a great source of energy in the morning or afternoon and give your body natural sugars rather than artificial ones. Now that you've prepped smoothie bags and can blend them at your home or take them in a PackIt bag to the office, you have every resource to fuel your body with the right foods!



Check out our Freezable Pastel Prism Lunch Bag that was feature in this post. It works great to store snacks, smoothie packs, or lunches on the go! Comment below and let us know if you enjoyed this recipe!

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