Healthy Fruit Salad

As the weather begins to warm up; tangy, sweet, and cooler foods are what we start reaching for. In this blog post we are sharing this delicious and colorful fruit salad with a hint of honey and lime! This recipe is very straight forward, but acts as a great snack for lunch or after school for both you and your children.



All you need to make this recipe are mangos, pineapple, tangerines or cuties, kiwis, grapes, blueberries, and fresh strawberries. You also want two to three limes and your favorite honey to drizzle over the fruit as you mix it all together! There is no exact amount of each fruit you need to use for this recipe, we went for about a little more than a handful of each one. Before you put this together, make sure to wash your fruit well and slice them into bite size pieces. Below you can see we separated each fruit to help you stay organized and make it easier to assemble. This is also a great way you can have your kids help you create this fruit dish with you!



First what you'll do is add in all of your jar or strawberries and add in your tangerine slices into a large bowl or platter. Once you've done so, squeeze half of a lime over these fruits before adding in the next bunch. After this add in your pineapple and grapes into the mix and drizzle a small spoon full of honey over the mixture.



The last fruit to add in is the bowl of blueberries and diced kiwi. At this point all your fruit has been added together and now you want to squeeze the other half of your lime over the top. Again you can drizzle one more small spoon full of honey over everything. After you've done this, take a pair of tongs and mix the entire fruit salad together to incorporate the honey and lime and all of the fruit!



Now that your salad is completely incorporated you can dish the fruit into smaller jars to bring for lunch time! This large fruit salad is a great afternoon snack at school, work, or before a sports practice. Our Freezable Classic Lunch Box in Blue Camo perfectly compliments this salad and will keep it cool throughout the day.


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