Kid Friendly April Fools Joke

Kid Friendly April Fools Joke

"See how their expression quickly changes from tired and reluctant to overly excited to go to their favorite destination."

April fools is right around the corner and it happens to land on a Saturday this year! This led us to thinking about what jokes or pranks we can play on our little ones. While we thought freezing your child’s milk in their cereal or filling a Krispy Kreme Donut box with veggies was clever; we’ve thought of something that will leave your kids smiling all day not upset they were tricked!



In preparation for Saturday, you’ll want to pack them a lunch the night before, either with breakfast food or lunch food depending on where you want to surprise your children and take them. Freezing your PackIt bag the night before will allow you to take your little ones a fun, all day adventure the next day without worrying about stopping and getting food!

The great part about many of PackIt’s lunch bags is they have a dry pocket where you can slip a note in the night before, saying ‘April Fools’ and explaining what fun activity you will be doing instead of going to school. When it comes to deciding where to take them, think about if they have a favorite park or if they love going to the beach. You want to make this activity fun and exciting for them. This way when they read the note the next morning, they won’t think twice about having to wake up early and rush out the door.

Now for the morning of April Fools. First, what you’ll do is wake them up a little later than you normally would for a school day. This way when you wake them up, they will be under the impression that they’re late for school and need to get ready fast. They won’t have time to think about it being Saturday, only the fact that they need to be out the door as quickly as possible. Once they’re all dressed, teeth brushed, and ready to go – hand them their backpack and lunch bag with the secret note inside and out to the car you go!

The key to making this prank a success is to simply get your little out the door and into the car! Once they are in the car and start realizing its Saturday and not a week day, have them pull out their freezable lunch bag and open the pocket with the secret note. Ask them read it out loud and see how their expression quickly changes from tired and reluctant to overly excited to go to their favorite destination.

This prank may have your little ones waking up not wanting to get out of bed, but it will leave them happy that they did! If you try this prank on your kiddos share with us your experience with images or videos for the chance to be featured on our Facebook page!





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