Kid's St. Patrick's Day Themed Lunch

Kid's St. Patrick's Day Themed Lunch

Saint Patty's Day is around the corner and we love creating festive lunches to brighten up the days of our littles! We know these bento box creation can feel intimidating and time consuming, but they truly can be easier then you think! Start with a theme, and work from there, finding foods that work and are simple to prepare!

For this lunch we obviously chose Saint Patricks Day themed foods, and tried to come up with fun and healthy options that would still be festive! Here is how we broke it down:

Main Course:
Sandwich, quesadilla, wrap- whatever your kid loves can work with any themed lunch. We find it easiest to make their normal favorite and use a cookie cutter to make it into any shape that fits with the theme!

Healthy Sides:
Fruits and veggies make easy additions to these lunches. We chose green options to stick with the theme and keep it festive! We also find that adding a few colored sprinkles to yogurt can make it fit with any lunch and make it more appealing to your kid without making it too unhealthy!

A treat:
Coming up with a somewhat healthy snack or treat for these lunches can be tough, but it is getting easier and easier to find well made things that have less sugar and more nutrients. For this lunch we went with lucky charms, because it's base is whole grain cereal and who doesn't love those festive marshmallows!

Follow this method and making these lunches for special occasions will be easier then you think! If you come up with something fun for lunch, post it and tag us in your photo so we can check it out!

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