We are so excited to be a part of this year’s LA Baby Show, the country's largest baby show, on November 5th & 6th!

Click here and apply promotional code BABYV25 during check out to receive a 25% ticket discount!

The event is held at the Magic Box at The Reef (Downtown LA / 1933 South Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90007). Dates and hours of the show are Saturday, November 5, from 10am-4pm and Sunday, November 6, from 10am-4pm. Come visit us at booth 225!

PackIt at the LA Baby Show

Parents and visitors will be shown demos on how to use PackIt bags and can enjoy cold treats while learning more about our products.

Stop by our booth 225, to participate in giveaways for a chance to win PackIt Freezable Coolers!


Grow With PackIt

Our flagship product, the Freezable Lunch Bag, is an essential that grows with you throughout every step of parenthood, starting in pregnancy. Most OBs recommend eating six small meals throughout the day, so PackIt lets you keep healthy food at your desk or in the car when you’re on the run. Many moms-to-be also find chilled foods more palatable, and PackIt lets you enjoy cool treats in any environment.

Once your child is born, you can use a PackIt lunch bag to safely take bottles or baby food pouches anywhere. By your child’s toddler and preschool years, our lunch bags are a must-have to keep healthy snacks within arm’s reach and prevent meltdowns on the go. It’s also the perfect way to have specific foods on hand for kids on special diets or those with food allergies. And it’s so stylish that mom and dad can even use it to take a fresh, delicious lunch to work!

We also make an all-in-one Freezable Baby Bottle Bag that lets you take safe, healthy meals for babies or young children anywhere and without having to stop and refrigerate them. It’s ideal for daycare, pumping at work, travel or errands. When you’re done, it folds up neatly and fits in our diaper or work bag for the trip home. The bag’s zip closure locks in cold, dry air and a buckle handle easily clips onto diaper bags, totes or strollers.

PackIt’s Freezable Uptown Lunch Bag is another great travel bag for families with multiple children or breastfeeding mothers. The messenger-style design leaves your hands free so you can attend to your child or maneuver a stroller. You can pack expressed milk and bottles alongside your toddler’s yogurt, fruit and sippy cup full of juice and keep everything cool for hours. Because it doesn’t require additional gel packs, there’s more room to pack essentials.

It has a flap closure for easy access and a zip opening that locks in cold, dry air. Its small zip pocket and exterior slip pocket are ideal for personal items, wipes, burp cloths or even small toys.



We hope to see you there!!!

Written by Craig Maloney

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