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Introducing the PackIt Bento Box Set


Picture this: It's Monday morning and your alarm clock goes off, but you proceed to snooze it two more times before you get up. Once you finally drag yourself out of bed you realize your thirty minutes behind schedule! This is when you look in the mirror and tell yourself, "it's go time!" You're now rushing to get yourself and your kids cleaned up and ready for the day. Just as you're about to walk out the front door, you realize... "I didn't pack lunches - for any of us!"

Well that's where we come to the rescue! In the midst of chaos, preparing lunch has never been easier; one meal at a time.The PackIt Bento Box is the newest star addition to PackIt lunch bags. Our goal with the new PackIt Bento Box is to take the stress out of planning and preparing your lunch by simplifying it to one meal! It's an all-in-one lunch on the go experience that chills food and drinks all day.

The Bento Box Set has just the right amount of space to enjoy healthy portions. It is convenient to use by flattening and freezing the bento sleeve overnight, and in the morning, expand, pack and enjoy fresh food on the go. The Freezable Bento Sleeve has 3-compartments for a variety of food, making healthy eating easier than ever. The Bento Sleeve is reusable, nontoxic and food safe. It contains an exterior zip pocket for napkins and utensils. The new top handle helps keep your bento container upright and prevents spillage.

If you're one who needs a quick solution to your busy mornings, wants to enjoy healthy portions, or pack snacks for the day then this Bento Box Set is your new best friend! Shop now by clicking here and browse the new assortment of PackIt Bento Boxes!

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