PackIt Parent Perspectives

PackIt Parent Perspectives

What does being a parent mean to you in three words? It's sort of difficult to narrow it down to just 3 words... As a parent you experience so much with each new day you are presented. As much as you might try to prepare, it's difficult to foresee the ups and downs your day will bring. I think many can agree that you feel tested at times, but ultimately at the end of it all you just want to be the best parent you could possibly be. With so many unknowns in each journey, PackIt wants to give you one constant. Rooted on the concept and idea of being able to provide for your baby. Provide them with the most basic necessity – fresh and safe milk.

PackIt created this series of videos called PackIt Parenting Perspectives to showcase many different stories from parents themselves. All who have had different experiences and may be at different stages in their lives, but all who share one commonality – the journey of being a parent. We hear their perspectives on what it means to be a mother or father and hear how they faced parent hood for the first time, or for some – what they soon expect from it.

We hear first hand, how and why they would use our newest bag in the PackIt product family - The Freezable Breastmilk and Formula Cooler. These are not paid actors or actresses, these are real people, sharing real stories.  We also hear from our CEO, Melissa Kieling, on her vision and hope behind creating this new bag for all parents and parents to be.

PackIt strives to highlight and celebrate parent hood through these series of videos and images below. Browse through this series of behind the scene images! Share with us in the comment section, what being a parent means to you. If you want to shop or learn more about our new Freezable Breastmilk and Formula Cooler click here.

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