PackIt Style Guide: Decorate Your Dorm

PackIt Style Guide: Decorate Your Dorm

There's something so exciting about shopping for back to school items; from the smallest items like your pencils, to the lunch bag you'll be using. Finding the right accessories to fit your style won't be difficult once you define what theme you're going for! For this style guide, we focused on decorating a College dorm desk with some of best accessories based on trends this season!

Pops of color mixed with metallics are on the rise this school season and can be found easily in many stores! With that being said, we took our Pastel Prism Freezable Lunch Bag and built off of the color's of the bag. The gray matching with the silver metallics and the blue, pink, and yellow colors tying the colorful accessories together.

To keep the look sleek and modern, we incorporated acrylic pieces through the pencil cup, magazine holder, and tape dispenser. Keeping these larger items simple and classic, you have the freedom to change the accessories throughout the year to fit new color schemes. You can also find different patterned tape and metallic and bright colored pens and pencils to add your own special touch in a small ways!

Now we believe adding greenery to any room can bring that space to life. We placed a small plant on the side of the desk and added succulents on top of the desk. Instead of going for the real deal, we found these realistic fake plants to eliminate having to worry about keeping them alive!

With all these accessories to keep you organized in style, you've now created a great space that you will be utilizing A LOT during the school year. During those long days and nights of studying or writing papers, make this PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag your best friend. Freeze your bag overnight in your mini fridge and take it out in the morning. Since the walls freeze and you don't need extra ice packs, you can fill your lunch bag with all snacks and drinks to fuel your body. This bag will stay cool from your morning lectures to your afternoon study sessions, helping you stay energized and properly nourished throughout the day!

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