The Top 10 Reasons Your Child Needs A PackIt


Can a lunch bag change your life? Not if we're talking about an ordinary lunch bag. But a PackIt can. That's because there's nothing ordinary about it.

What's the difference between other insulated bags and PackIt? Well, that's like comparing a tricycle to a Lamborghini. Other lunch bags let food and drinks spoil within as little as an hour, forcing you to use leaky ice baggies or buy toxic gel packs to keep meals safe. With PackIt, the cooling is built in so you never need ice packs. It actually chills food and drinks like a fridge all day long. How cool is that?

We guarantee that a PackIt lunch bag will be your best purchase of the back-to-school season. Here are just few reasons why.


  1. It out-performs all other lunch bags.
    Our patented technology keeps food and drinks cool five times longer than the leading cooler, up to 10 hours. It’s so powerful it can even chill room-temperature liquids in about an hour!


  1. The hassle-free design saves space, time—and your sanity.
    Forget those frustrating games of hide-and-seek with ice packs. Freezable gel built into the walls of the bag completely eliminate the need for additional ice packs. It also folds up to the size of a paperback book for compact storage and is easy to pack on the run.


  1. Its smart design reduces waste.
    Because it’s reusable, PackIt is perfect for waste-free lunchrooms. Even better, it stays cold long enough to let you bring home uneaten leftovers, stretching your food budget further than ever.


  1. PackIt pays for itself in 3 uses.
    Compared to eating lunch out, you only need to use PackIt a handful of times to enjoy the savings. And you can save at least $1500 in one year by packing lunch only three times a week. That adds up to 300+ gallons of gas annually! Plus, no more shelling out for lost ice packs that don’t work and constantly need to be replaced.


  1. It keeps you and your family healthy.
    Nine out of 10 kids fail to meet their daily fruit and vegetable targets. With PackIt, you can finally take fresh and nutritious foods everywhere.


  1. It’s made from quality materials.
    Budget coolers wear out in just months. Other water-based freezable products start to leak after only a few uses. PackIt’s durable, reusable designs stay strong year after year.


  1. It’s safer for kids and the planet.
    As concerned parents, we go above and beyond to ensure all PackIt products are lead-free, PVC-free, BPA-free are food safe and nontoxic. All aspects of PackIt's design have been rigorously tested both by professional, third-party reviewers and by thousands of inquisitive customers at home.


  1. Children love our fashion-forward styles.
    Our fun range of colors and patterns appeal to adults and kids alike and fit every personality. Bonus: The eye-catching designs won’t get left at home like a plain old brown bag will.


  1. It's ideal for special diets.
    Parents of children with allergies, foods sensitivities or medical issues know how vital it is to have the food you need exactly when you need it. With PackIt, it's easy to keep a gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, or vegetarian meal on hand at all times.


  1. It's made for warm-weather climates.
    If your child has an outdoor school locker, you're aware just how fast a healthy lunch can go to a mushy, unsafe disaster. Taking lunch in PackIt freezable coolers preserves a quality lunch without needing refrigeration—so crucial in hot areas!







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