Today we are going to help you bring out your inner traveler with a few tips on how to plan ahead for your next trip out of town. If you are going on a road trip in the near future, be sure to take advantage of the cooling technology of our Freezable Traveler Bag to help make those long hours on the road a little easier!

Wherever your destination is, the key to success is – SNACKS, SNACKS, SNACKS! Protein packed snacks will help you stay fuller for longer and not reach for the sugary quick fixes. The number one question people wonder is how to keep food and drinks cool on the road? Well our PackIt Freezable Traveler bag is your solution and should be frozen a full 12 hours before packing it with snacks. This will ensure that you get the most use of our gel wall technology, for the longest period of time.

Now of course you will need to pack food and drinks to get you by on the road. Some great drink options are ones that are high in vitamins and will help you get your energy levels up in a safe and healthy way. Consider coconut water, green tea, juice boxes, naturally sweetened soda, or a pre-made coffee drink.

As for food you again you want to think of foods that are easy to eat in the car and packed with high protein! Some great options are mini cheese packs or string cheese, prepackaged humus or guacamole for dipping, peanut butter packs, dried fruit, or fruit leathers. Before the trip cut and prep a variety of fruits and veggies to have to snack on and dip into the humus or guacamole.

Some stores sell veggie packs with carrots, celery, or snap peas. If you want to bring healthier sweets, consider chocolate covered fruit or nuts, chocolate covered energy bars, or a healthier type of popcorn made with coconut or olive oil. All of these options you can store in our Freezable Traveler Bag and will be safe to eat when you’ve already been a few hours on the road.

A few tips that sometimes we can overlook is making sure that any food you bring prepackaged has a pull tab for easy opening. Make sure to bring utensils and plenty of napkins in case of a spill. Don’t overlook hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and a plastic grocery bag to store all your trash in. And if you have anything like Chap Stick or deodorant with you that can melt in warmer weathers, you can always store this in the front pocket of our Traveler Bag to ensure that it doesn’t melt in your purse or middle consul!

So next time you plan a long trip let our Freezable Traveler Bag help you pack plenty of snacks and liquids for the road! Happy Roadtrippin!

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