We all want our kids to eat healthier, but they don’t always reach for the broccoli by choice! It’s all about a balance when it comes to fueling your little ones with the right foods. As much as we try to pack them healthy lunches, there’s that possibility that they can come home after school with their entire lunch untouched! This is why we are showing you how to sneak some healthy options into their lunches without them even knowing!

We think to accomplish this mission, balance is key. Instead of over loading your little one with veggies and healthy foods, why not try substituting these simple foods instead of traditional ones. One way you can make their lunch a little healthier is by switching out some of the dipping sauces they use. Instead of a packing a heavy ranch dressing, try making your own sauce so you can control what is being put into it. Or substitute humus instead of ranch; your child will still get the rich flavors, but will cut the calories in half. All of our Freezable Lunch Bags can easily keep your humus or homemade ranch dressings cold throughout the day.



Now if your little one loves to have something sweet in their lunch, but you don’t want them to have the cookies or piece of candy – try this. Substitute gummy bears or a piece of chocolate with either dried fruit or chocolate covered fruit or nuts. We found dried pineapple, dried mango, and dried strawberries to be good substitutes. Fruit will give your little one their sugar fix, but in a much healthier way than candy. Dark chocolate covered fruits or nuts can actually be beneficial to you in smaller doses. The great thing about our freezable lunch bags is that the freezable gel walls will keep your child's chocolate from melting during the day.



If your little one likes savory flavors over sweets and loves that bag of chips, than you’re in luck because there are many healthier options you can substitute for this! Try lighter low-calorie popcorn that is made with coconut oil or olive oil. You can also find other types of chips, ones made from fruit or vegetables. Vegetable chips, or dried snap pea chips are great substitutions that will get the savory job done!



You can also explore the idea of making your own trail mix. Bring your child with you to the grocery store and have them pick out different nuts, dried fruit, or even chocolates they can mix together! This is a great way to have them involved in making their lunch, but also is secretly getting them to eat the healthier. Once you’re home have fun mixing your new homemade trail mix together and be sure to pack it on a Freezable Lunch Bag, if it contains chocolate. There’s nothing worse than opening up your lunch bag to find melted chocolate everywhere!

Try out these different options in your child’s lunch and see if they take to these healthier substitutions without them even realizing it! Take a closer look at the Freezable Neon Arrows Lunch Bag we featured in today's blog post. Slowly but surely if they like these new foods then over time you can begin to help them eat a healthier and well balanced lunch, showing them the importance of fueling our bodies with the right foods.

Written by Craig Maloney

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