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Eat Your Way To A Happier, Healthier Pregnancy

Got a bun in the oven? Congrats! You're probably already aware that you should opt for a balance of fresh fruits and veggies, lean protein, whole grains and nutritious sources of calcium throughout your pregnancy. What you may not know is that there are some simple ways to make eating during pregnancy more comfortable and enjoyable. Here, the top tips from moms who have been through it before. Snack early and often Anyone who has experienced “morning sickness” knows that’s a total misnomer. Nausea can strike at any hour, but you may be able to keep it at bay by...

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Perfect Packed Lunch Round 2: The Elite Eight

This month, we're on a quest to find the absolute perfect meal to take in your PackIt freezable bag. It's got to taste great chilled, be simple to transport and not totally break the bank or your diet. Because it's so easy to take a healthy meal with PackIt, it wasn't easy narrowing them down. With your help, though, we came up with 16 diverse meals that hit every mark. After evaluating our first round on price, nutritional value, and ease of preparation (see the findings here), we're down to the final eight: 1. Curry tarragon cherry chicken salad sandwich...

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Introducing The Perfect Packed Lunch Tournament

  Ever since we came up with the original freezable lunch bag, we’ve always wondered if there was one superior lunch that was perfect for a PackIt. Thousands of fresh meals taste amazing when they're chilled. But are some just a little more nutritious, affordable and convenient than the others? And, more importantly, will you want to eat them again and again? There has to be one to rule them all—and we’re on a mission to find it. First, we did a little research, asking PackIt fans for their favorite to-go meals on social media. Classics like ham and Swiss...

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#PackItRefresh Week 1: Eat More Fruit and Veggies

The PackIt 30-Day Refresh is our first-ever healthy living challenge—no diets or resolutions required. Join us throughout the month of January as we take small steps to make big changes to both the body and mind. Visit www.packit.com/refresh to get started.   Eat your veggies. You heard it ad nauseum from parents and teachers growing up, but even as an adult, it’s easier said than done. Life happens—and so do meat lovers’ pizzas.   That doesn’t mean it’s any less important to pack in fresh foods as the years roll on. Fruit and vegetables can help cut your risk of...

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