Since we launched our first product nearly a decade ago, the PackIt collection has been created with sustainability in mind. Each one of our reusable solutions reflects our mission to do more with less and to lessen our environmental impact through thoughtful design.

We believe it’s up to each of us to do better, and every time you use a PackIt bag, you’re helping save the planet—seriously! Here’s how:

PackIt eliminates the need for wasteful single-use products

It used to be that enjoying your favorite food and drinks on the go meant using throwaway containers and bags and tossing them after only one use. Today, single-use plastic products continue to be responsible for significant oil production and landfill waste. We don’t believe that the on-the-go lifestyle shouldn’t negatively impact the planet, so we created a range of cool, reusable products so you’ll never have to go back to those throwaway days.

First, our reusable freezable bags eliminate the need for wasteful plastic or paper lunch and shopping bags. And because the cooling is built in, you won’t lose any toxic gel packs that need to be replaced or have to stuff plastic baggies with ice. Our all-in-one product doesn’t just cut down on extra parts—it actually slashes your environmental footprint.

We’ve also developed a new line of durable, customizable hard containers that outshine other single-use containers or plastic baggies. They allow you to create meals that fit your needs—no more having to use multiple containers to get the custom meal you want. They fit perfectly inside PackIt bags, which means no extra parts to make the system work. As a collection, they’re ideal for zero-waste schools and work environments.

PackIt cuts food waste

According to the think tank FoodTank, food waste generates 3.3 billions tons of carbon dioxide annually, making it one of the single biggest contributors to emissions that harm the planet. Before PackIt, you were limited to so-called “coolers” that don’t actually cool anything, so food would often go bad before you had the chance to eat it. But PackIt lets you take sensitive items that would spoil in other bags and keep them chilled for hours. You won’t have to throw out uneaten food because PackIt cools long enough to even take home leftovers.

PackIt is dedicated to responsible production

We created PackIt to help people live healthier lives, and we believe that our collective health depends on good stewardship of resources. We’re conscious of the materials that go into production of our products, and only use the best and longest lasting ones.

PackIt products are responsibly produced with high-quality materials that won’t break down after only a few uses like inferior products do. We use only food-safe, nontoxic materials that are free of harmful substances such as PVC, BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde and lead. All of our products are tested by independent, accredited third-party laboratories and have met all current U.S., Canadian and European safety standards.

From a design perspective, we strive to bring purpose and intelligence to our creations. Smarter products are better for everyone, including the planet, so you won’t find any superfluous bells and whistles that waste resources. We also support a no-waste culture in our offices and actively work to bring awareness to local resource preservation efforts in California.