Reviewing the Best Lunch Containers for Kids

Reviewing the Best Lunch Containers for Kids

If you're looking for the best lunch containers for kids, chances are last year's school lunch containers didn't make the grade.

There are 180 days in the average school year, and if your child takes a packed lunch to school every day, you may already be familiar with this recipe:

  1. Take lunch containers for kids that smash food, leak or break.
  2. Mix in children's tendencies for specific, limited and ever-changing food preferences.
  3. Sprinkle in a few well-intended suggestions from people who don't understand you (turn on the stove…in the morning?) or your kids (pack egg salad for my easily embarrassed child to open hours later around classmates?).

…and voilá! The job of packing lunches is served.

Enter PackIt's lunch containers for kids. No, they can't turn your children into adventurous eaters or prevent no-way, no-how menu recommendations, but the right kids' lunch containers can keep foods tastier and make your job easier.

We're reviewing the best kids' lunch containers for school – hassle-free, kid-friendly food storage containers that keep food separate and intact (read: more likely to be eaten). Made with high-quality materials that can stand up to an entire school year of daily use, they may just earn a seat at the lunch table.

Best Lunch Containers for Kids

PackIt Bento Lunch Containers for Kids

Bento boxes get straight A's as the best lunch containers for kids because they are sturdy and reusable, but not all kids' bento boxes are created equal. Common gripes include flimsy materials that stain and crack, hard-to-clean surfaces and tight compartments that result in smooshed food. We've also heard packing a fixed-compartment bento box described as a cross between Operation and Tetris, an early-morning test of motor and spatial skills, without the amusement of a game.

For school lunch containers that are in a class of their own, check out PackIt's line of customizable bento containers.

With PackIt's customizable bento containers with removable dividers, your child's lunch container fits your child's lunch, not the other way around. Flexible lunch containers with dividers for kids save time and food, helping to make busy mornings and school lunchtimes go more smoothly.

A PackIt Bento Checks All the Boxes

PackIt's lunch containers for kids are customizable, and what's not to love about that? But why else is this bento the best kids' lunch container? Let us count the ways.

  1. Streamline lunch with one perfectly sized container and say goodbye to the clutter of different containers and wasteful disposables.
    Customer Review: "It's great being able to fit it all in 1 container, instead of separate containers taking up extra room…Love this product."
  2. Easy to clean. Microwave and top rack dishwasher safe.
    "I love how easy it is to clean too! Never leaves hard residue when microwaving."
  3. Leak-proof dividers and lid keep foods separate and contained. Even viscous liquids like dressings stay put.
    Customer Review: "The lid seals tight and I no longer have to worry about leaks."
  4. Lunch containers for kids take a beating, but this bento, made from high-quality, food-safe, BPA-free materials, won't crack under pressure.
    Customer Review: "Very sturdy and can withstand the drops by my son."
  5. Plus, you can get smaller bento snack containers and choose from two pleasing colors:
Bento Lunch Containers for Kids

Discover More Lunch Containers for Kids & Adults From PackIt

In addition to making the best lunch containers for kids, PackIt's freezable lunch boxes and reusable snack bags rank at the top of their class.

Check out the whole PackIt system, a streamlined, ice-cold, zero-waste, toxic-free alternative to kids' food containers — defeating the not-very-cool insulated lunch bag/ice pack combo that has been spoiling lunch for years. With many designs that are decidedly not childish, you may even want to snag something for yourself. You deserve it.