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Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler Bags & Coolers

Keep milk fresh with freezable baby bottle bags from PackIt. All our freezable soft baby bottle cooler bags for breastmilk include built-in freezable gel that keeps your bottles cool for hours, allowing you to leave those annoying ice packs behind once and for all. And even better, our baby bottle coolers are compatible with our freezable snack bags and fully collapsible for convenient storage when you're not using them. Whether you're stowing two bottles or four, we have the best cooler bag for baby bottles. So if you're ready to remove ice packs—and their leaks—from your life forever, pick out a stylish soft baby bottle cooler bag below.

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Baby Bottle Cooler Bag

Double Down With Freezable Double Baby Bottle Bags

As your baby's needs change, so does our incredible lineup of products. Delivering all the same great features as our original baby bottle cooler bag, the Double Baby Bottle Bags power up your storage capabilities with room for two tall, wide 8-ounce bottles. With a handy clasp to hook over your stroller handle, they are versatile enough to go wherever you and baby go. Easy to clean and easy to store, our double baby bottle coolers give you the freedom you need. 

FAQs About Baby Bottle Cooler Bags

If you're feeding a baby, you probably need one less thing to worry about. We've got you covered with PackIt's baby bottle cooler bags and answers to some commonly asked questions about transporting milk and formula safely.

What Is the Difference Between a Baby Bottle Travel Bag and a Baby Bottle Cooler?

A travel bag, like a baby bottle tote bag, is larger than a baby bottle cooler.

A travel bag is typically for mom. It may be used to go to work or on a trip to carry a breast pump and parts, a nursing/pumping cover and empty nursing bags or baby bottles. Coolers, by contrast, hold bottles containing food to keep it chilled and prevent it from spilling.

Make sure to get a separate cooler bag for baby bottles to keep baby's food from spoiling. You can put baby bottle coolers inside travel bags or diaper bags.

When Should I Use a Baby Bottle Cooler Bag?

That depends on whether your baby drinks formula or breast milk. Cooler bags should be used for formula right away, while breast milk can sit at room temperature for up to four hours before needing to be cooled.

Depending on external temperatures, the PackIt baby bottle cooler bag can keep perishable food items cold for hours.

What Size Does the Original Baby Bottle Cooler Come In?

The dimensions of our original baby bottle cooler are 8" L x 5" W x 7" H. Flattened for the freezer, it measures 2" L x 8.5" W x 7" H. This size can hold up to four 5-ounce bottles.

What Size Is the Double Baby Bottle Bag?

The Double Baby Bottle Bag measures a roomy 6" L x 6.5" W x 4.25" H. Flattened, it's just 9" L x 7" W x 1.75" H.

Baby Bottle Cooler Bag

Pack It in With a Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler Bag

Whether you're transporting formula or breast milk, we have you covered with the best baby bottle tote bags. Cute and convenient, our baby bottle cooler bag options keep you on the go, worry-free. Our products offer all the convenience and cooling capabilities you need. If you want a cooler bag for baby bottles that's smart and spill-free, you want a PackIt baby bottle bag. 

What mom couldn't use a nifty lunch box for baby bottles? You can rely on our versatile, zippy bags to cool your formula, breast milk and more. With so many things on your mind, it's nice knowing you've got a dependable baby bottle cooler bag you can trust. Get the peace of mind you need with PackIt.

Keep Fresh With PackIt's Baby Bottle Cooler Bag

We know, you've got your hands full. While we can't help with diapers or sleepless nights, we've got the baby bottle cooler bag your family needs. Order yours today and take advantage of everything PackIt has to offer.