Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler Bags & Totes

Keep milk fresh with freezable baby bottle bags from PackIt. All of our freezable soft baby bottle cooler bags for breastmilk include built-in freezable gel that keeps your bottles cool for hours, allowing you to leave those annoying ice packs behind once and for all. And even better, our baby bottle coolers are compatible with our freezable snack bags and fully collapsible for convenient storage when you’re not using them. So if you’re ready to remove ice packs—and their leaks—from your life forever, pick out a stylish soft baby bottle coolers below.


Our Freezable Breastmilk & Formula Cooler is the perfect size to chill your baby's milk. It also chills teethers and fresh snacks for you and your baby!

Baby Bottle Bags That Work As Coolers

Maybe you have packed one of our freezable classic lunch boxes, or you've kept adult beverages chilled for hours with our wine bags and Zuma can coolers – now it's time to welcome our newest addition, PackIt's baby bottle cooler bags. We're beaming with pride and joy over this one. It's the most adorable little lunch box for baby bottles!

We may be biased, but PackIt's mom-invented baby bottle cooler bag is the smartest, coolest baby bottle bag on the block. The genius is in the built-in, freezable gel-lined walls, so it doesn't need ice packs to stay chilled. It's made of high-quality, non-toxic materials, has a sturdy handle for carrying — and did we mention how cute it is?!

Plus, this bag can grow with your baby. Bottle coolers can easily become a snack bag, perfect for on-the-go toddlers.

FAQs About Baby Bottle Bags

If you're feeding a baby, you probably need one less thing to worry about. We've got you covered with PackIt's baby bottle cooler bags and answers to some commonly asked questions about transporting milk and formula safely.

What Is the Difference Between a Baby Bottle Travel Bag and a Baby Bottle Cooler?

A travel bag, like a baby bottle tote bag, is larger than a baby bottle cooler.

A travel bag is typically for mom. It may be used to go to work or on a trip to carry a breast pump and parts, a nursing/pumping cover and empty nursing bags or baby bottles. Coolers, by contrast, hold bottles containing food to keep it chilled and prevent it from spilling.

Make sure to get a separate cooler bag for baby bottles to keep baby's food from spoiling. You can put baby bottle coolers inside travel bags or diaper bags.

When Should I Use a Baby Bottle Cooler Bag?

That depends on whether your baby drinks formula or breast milk. Cooler bags should be used for formula right away, while breast milk can sit at room temperature for up to four hours before needing to be cooled.

Depending on external temperatures, the PackIt baby bottle cooler bag can keep perishable food items cold for hours.

Keep Fresh With PackIt's Baby Bottle Cooler Bag

We know, you've got your hands full. While we can't help with diapers or sleepless nights, we've got the baby bottle cooler bag your family needs.

No Ice or Ice Packs Needed
Fully Freezable