It all started with a mom, her three kids, some
mushy blueberries and one genius idea.

Hi! I'm Melissa Kieling and PackIt is my little lunch bag solution that became something BIG!

More than ten years ago, I had three little ones to get out the door every morning and I wanted to send them on their way with a fresh and nutritious lunch. Expensive icepacks that often did more harm than good (mushed blueberries) and sometimes didn't even make it home at the end of the day made zero sense to me. I knew there had to be a better way.

I set out to answer a simple question: why can't the bag BE the icepack? It would not only simplify the lunch making process but reduce a lot of unnecessary waste. With the help of my shower curtain, some safety pins, four icepacks, and some pleading with my dry cleaner, the first FREEZABLE PackIt prototype was born! Since then, the innovations team at PackIt has never looked back. Our patented, "fridge-on-the-go" concept has made its way into multiple consumer lifestyle segments from wine totes to cooling bags for nursing moms to keep baby's milk fresh.

Today, we continue to design clever products to make our hectic days a little easier. Now sold around the world, PackIt simplifies the everyday lives of millions of active families across the globe. Our line of bags and customizable bento boxes are still the coolest available at retail. We've even developed a commercial refrigeration system for online grocery order fulfillment - PackIt Fresh. Our PackIt Fresh line of EcoFreeze totes are also collapsible, freezable, and reusable; and serve as a simple and seamless plug-in solution for grocers to meet growing storage, pickup and delivery demands. Our commercial partners include national and regional retail chains both here in North America and abroad.

PackIt will continue its mission to create reusable, solutions-oriented products for a life increasingly on-the-go.

Please join us on our journey to do better for ourselves, our families and our planet!


– Melissa Kieling, Founder

How It All Started