Back to School Lunch Bags and Containers

Make COOL happen with love this back-to-school season with PackIt's coolest lunch boxes. Our collapsible, freezable lunch bags for back to school are stylish, functional and designed with kids in mind. With these back-to-school lunch bags, your child's lunch will stay cold for hours. No more lost ice packs or mushy lunches. Start the school year off right with a new PackIt back-to-school lunch box, the best choice for kids' lunches, combining functionality, style, innovative design, and a commitment to eco-friendliness.

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School Lunch Boxes

Going Back to School with PackIt Lunch Boxes

A well-packed lunch is more than just a meal—it's an opportunity to make an eco-conscious choice. PackIt lunch boxes not only keep your child's food cool and delicious but also contribute to a sustainable future, aligning with your values of reducing waste and environmental impact.

  • Built-in Cooling Technology
  • Spacious and Versatile Design
  • Easy to Clean and Reuse
  • Secure and Leak-Proof
  • Sustainable Materials
Best kids' lunch boxes for school

Top Picks from PackIt

  1. PackIt Classic Lunch Box: This iconic lunch box combines the timeless design with PackIt's patented cooling technology, providing a sustainable and efficient solution for keeping food fresh.
  2. PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag: The sleek and compact lunch bag offers superior cooling power in a portable design. It is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable lunch bags or paper sacks.
  3. PackIt Mod Lunch Bento: For those who prefer a compartmentalized lunch, this bento-style lunch box promotes portion control and eliminates the need for individual plastic containers or bags.

Why PackIt Stands Out on Lunch Bags for Back to School

PackIt has been keeping things fresh for over a decade, so we know a few things about staying cool at school. Check out some frequently asked questions about back-to-school lunch boxes here.

Shop Back-to-School Lunch Boxes From PackIt

PackIt stands out as the ultimate choice for back-to-school lunch boxes. Reduce waste and save time and money with kids reusable lunch bags, containers and freezable snack bags that keep food from going into the trash can. Find the best lunch bags for kids going back to school this year at!