When it comes picking a kids lunch bag for the new school year, the choice is pretty easy. No other insulated lunch bag has built-in cooling that lasts as long as PackIt. And only PackIt can keep healthy food safe and delicious all day. But with dozens of styles to choose from, how do you pick just one? Here's our handy guide to the best bags for your crew by age and stage.



Freezable Mini Lunch Bag

For little ones away from home for the first time, our Freezable Mini Lunch Bag is your best bet. Finicky toddlers need multiple options to keep them pleased, yet you don't want to weigh them down with too much food that they can't carry the bag. The Mini is perfectly sized for small lunches or a collection of snacks to last throughout the day.



Freezable Upright Lunch Box and Freezable Lunch Bag

Now that they're spending a full day in class, grade schoolers are ready to upgrade to our flagship Freezable Lunch Bag. This best-selling lunch bag is beloved by millions of families because it doesn't need ice packs to stay cool, so your child will never accidentally throw them out. It also folds up neatly for the ride home in your kid's backpack. Trust us, this might be the only lunch bag your child won't lose within the first month of school!

Another awesome option is the new Freezable Lunch Box, a fun twist on the classic lunch box shape. It has a convenient top-load design and diagonal hinge so your child can access food or drinks on the go without having items fall out. There's also a slim zip pocket on the front for ID cards, bus passes and napkins.

Both styles come in a variety of cool patterns and have a convenient buckle handle that attaches to backpacks and sports bags. You really can't go wrong either way!



Freezable Classic Lunch Box and Freezable Traveler Lunch Bag

If your kid is 13 going on 30, you know that lunch bags that seem babyish or boring just won't cut it. They've got to be cool inside and out. Our Freezable Classic Lunch Box is a nice option for middle schoolers in that tricky in-between phase. It offers the traditional lunch box design with more sophisticated patterns that the style-conscious students will love. The roomy interior fits large bento boxes and containers of all shapes.

Capacity of the Freezable Classic Lunch Box

By the time kids are ready for the big leagues of high school, appearances are everything. Our Freezable Traveler Lunch Bag is a handbag-style cooler that will definitely turn heads in the lunch room. It's easy to carry in hand and has plenty of room for a full meal and snacks.

Also great for teens is the Freezable Carryall Lunch Bag. It's a roomy bag with a shoulder strap that lets kids carry their lunch and leave their hands free to schlep books at the same time.

Freezable Carryall Lunch Bag

The Freezable Deluxe Lunch Bag is another smart choice for older kids. It's 30% larger than our Freezable Lunch Bag, which means you can fit one large meal or two regular meals inside. Pick one up for students who have early morning practices or study sessions and need both breakfast and lunch, or those who require late-afternoon fuel for after-school extracurriculars.


For student athletes, we love the Freezable Lunch Bags. It's made for lunch, but its tall profile is particularly handy for taking multiple water bottles to sports activities as well.

Freezable Rolltop Lunch Bag



Freezable Uptown Lunch Bag

Now that they're in the "real world," it's time for a grown up cooler. The Freezable Lunch Bag is our top pick for the student that's always on the go. They're often so busy they forget to eat at all, or they fall prey to the 3 am pizza run during late night study sessions. Having healthy options on hand in the Uptown ensures they make better choices. It's also a great lunch cooler for internships; the sleek design will make a stylish impression in the workplace.

For older students, the Freezable Can Coolers are a smart college send-off gift. They not only chill food (the Freezable 9-Can Cooler makes the perfect personal lunch bag), but they're also awesome for taking beverages to tailgates or hydration to intramural sports.




Which PackIt bags have worked best for your family? Tell us in a comment below!

Written by Craig Maloney

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