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Freezable Grocery Tote Bag

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Keep perishable groceries fresh and safe while you run errands with PackIt’s genius cooler grocery tote bag. The cooling power is built into the base of the bag so there's no need for ice packs to keep items chilled. 

From the checkout aisle to your kitchen, your meat, dairy, fruits, veggies and frozen foods stay safe so you don't have to stop home to unload them. This reusable grocery tote also offers plenty of room on the top to carry non-perishable items. Perfect for communities with plastic bag bans, this soft foldable grocery bag is an everyday essential. Finding cooler bags for groceries has never been easier!

The Freezable Grocery Tote Bag is designed with PackIt's patented EcoFreeze® technology: freezable gel built into the walls of the grocery bag. The smart design eliminates the need for separate ice packs or gel packs. The Bag That's an Ice Pack™: it's freezable, it's reusable, and it actually cools.

  • Gel-lined walls chill groceries and perishable items for hours (depending on external temperatures)
  • The reusable grocery tote folds flat for compact storage in the freezer
  • Zip closure locks in cool, dry air
  • Comfortable shoulder traps
  • Grocery tote bag is made from nontoxic poly canvas, food-safe lining
  • PVC-, BPA-, phthalate-, formaldehyde- and lead-free; interior wipes clean; spot clean exterior
  • Reusable grocery tote bag is proudly made by PackIt: creator of the ORIGINAL foldable, freezable lunch bag. Designed in California

Open: 7" L x 12" W x 14" H 

Folded: 7." L x 12" W x 2.25" H


Simple Care: Wipe the cooler grocery bag thoroughly or hand wash the interior and spot clean exterior; allow the cooler grocery bag to dry completely before freezing. Not machine or dishwasher safe.

How The Freezable Grocery Tote Bag Works
  • Flatten or Fold It

    Flatten or fold like a burrito for compact storage.

  • Freeze

    Simply freeze the grocery tote like you would an ice pack. Because it's The Bag That's an Ice Pack™.

  • Go

    Pack with your favorite produce or perishables to keep fresh for the trip from the grocery store to your fridge and enjoy!


PackIt is the only foldable, freezable bag that keeps food and drinks cool for hours—no ice packs needed. Its secret sauce? Patented cooling technology that's built into the walls of the bag.

Freezable Grocery Tote Bag FAQs

How sanitary are PackIt’s reusable grocery tote bags?

PackIt’s freezable grocery tote bags are easy to clean by hand in both the interior and exterior, making them very sanitary and easy to maintain.

Are PackIt’s reusable shopping bags worth it?

While we may be biased, our product speaks for itself! Our customers love using our reusable grocery tote bags since they are not only reusable but also keep food chilled from the grocery store to your home.

What are the benefits of PackIt’s foldable shopping tote bag?

While there are many benefits that stand out among other foldable shopping tote bags currently on the market, a key benefit is our patented EcoFreeze® technology which keeps food cold when you carry food inside our foldable grocery bag.

No Ice or Ice Packs Needed
Fully Freezable