Personalize Your Lunch Bag

PackIt Tips: Personalize Your Lunch Bag

All of us have our own interests, styles, and personalities, so why shouldn’t our lunch bags reflect that? Well we think it should! Thats why we are showing you how to take your lunch game to the next level by personalizing any of our Freezable lunch bags.

Right now the latest trends are pins and stickers. You can find them at almost any clothing store, but the key is you have to find the ones that represent you! We found a few different varieties of pins that came in a package of 3 – 4 and had fun creating little personalities with our lunch bags.

The first makeover is to our Freezable Lunch Bag Collection. We found these adorable cactus pins with neon colored pom-poms that matched just right with the watermelon pattern. If your personality is colorful, bold, and out of the box than this option is for you. We pinned the cactus and watermelon pins on the flap of the lunch bag to give it personality when the bag is closed and filled with food.

The next lunch bag we decorated is our Unicorn Freezable Lunch Bag. The pattern is very simple and sophisticated, but can always use a pop of color. So if your spirit animal is a unicorn, then you’ll fall in love with these pins just like we did! They have a whimsical and magical feel, bringing your lunch bag to life.

The last bag we decorated is our Spaceman Lunch Box. With this transformation we wanted to go for a festival theme with the sun and teepee pins. The neon colored pins are perfect for this time of the year, when we are getting closer to those summer months. The bag plus the pins speak music festivals and fun times under the sun.

When you find pins you’re excited about and want to place on your lunch bag, be very careful about where to place them. Be sure to only stick the pins on the opening flap where there is no gel pack. You don’t want to create any holes in the walls of the main part of the bag or ruin any of the gel packs. We also found that placing the pins around the Velcro, instead of on it, will ensure that your bag will close properly.

Now that you know how to safely accessorize, we hope you have fun personalizing your freezable lunch bags with pins that speak to who you are! Whether you have a men’s lunch box or a women's lunch bag, we love seeing how all of you can get creative and crafty with your PackIt bags, so be sure to tag #packitcool in any photos you post of your masterpiece!