A Grocery Bag That Will Help You Keep Food Cool

PackIt Freezable Grocery Tote Bag

Can we all agree that grocery shopping isn’t the most convenient task to do in the midst of crazy schedules? Especially having to plan your shopping trips when you have time to go home after and put all the cold food away!

PackIt saw a need to create a Freezable bag for grocery shopping, because your eggs, cheese, milk, or ice cream all need to stay cool while you finish running errands. Today we are sharing a list of ways a PackIt Grocery Bag can help you next time you’re at the grocery store, beyond keeping your food cool.

Our PackIt Grocery Bags can help you stay store your food and drinks in an organized manner. The bottom of the bag, as well as the bottom half of the walls are all lined with our freezable gel. This is useful, because you can place all your perishable items at the bottom so they keep cold, while non-perishable items can be placed on top. With this luxury, you now have the flexibility to run the rest of your errands after you go grocery shopping. Not having to run back home to drop off your eggs and yogurt sitting in the backseat will help you save time and energy!

Bringing in your own grocery bags can help you save money, so you won't be charged a few cents for every extra grocery bag you need. It can also help you get money back; some grocery stores actually give discounts or a few cents back for every bag you bring in.

If you choose to use a reusable grocery bag you're limiting the plastic that is needed to create more of these bags. It may seem small, but you are doing your part in helping your environment stay green, as well as limit the amount of plastic waste that can end up in a landfill.

Now we can't forget about the great feature of the upright shape of this bag. It is beneficial for storage purposes and ensuring a sturdy transport. The longer shoulder strap on the freezable grocery bag allows you to comfortably carry heavy loads.

Lastly, you can decrease clutter in your home by using a reusable bag over a plastic or paper bag. Instead of taking up cabinet space, or cluttering the area beneath your sink, our compact freezable grocery bags store easily in the freezer. You simply fold our bag, tuck the straps, and velcro close to make sure it's taking up the least amount of space in your freezer. This change from storing 15 paper bags, to a few freezable grocery bags, will limit the amount of space you're taking up in your kitchen.

Our freezable grocery bags may look like just that, any ordinary grocery bag. But they're much more and have many beneficial features that can make your life a little easier. Try out our Freezable Grocery Bags today and we can promise you, you'll enjoy them as much as we do!