Get a Freezable Wine Bag & Other Recommendations for a Chill(ed) Wine Picnic

Get a Freezable Wine Bag & Other Recommendations for a Chill(ed) Wine Picnic

Are you thinking about dining al fresco? It's one of our favorite ways to celebrate beautiful weather. Good company, tasty food and cold drinks – there's no better way, unless it's a wine picnic! If you've never been on a wine picnic, you're in for a treat – if you prepare correctly.

A wine picnic may seem simple: show up, drink wine and call it a good time! However, you can do a few things to take your picnic to the next level, like getting a freezable wine bag. Keep reading for more ways to keep a wine picnic fresh and cool as you soak up the sun.

Freezable Wine Bags – Cooler Than Coolers

Sip pretty without breaking a sweat. Our first tip is to eliminate lugging heavy coolers and bags of ice by picking up a freezable wine bag before your next wine picnic.

Freezable wine bags aren't just for white wine. The ideal serving temperature for red wines is cellar temperature, which is a little cooler than room temperature. Red wine tastes more alcoholic and loses its structure when it gets too warm. Chances are your bottle of red will overheat on a picnic, so grab a bag for all your bottles.

Wine Picnic Checklist

In addition to the wine, be sure to pack the following:

  • Finger foods and snacks (keep 'em fresh with freezable snack bags)
  • Water
  • Wine glasses or tumblers
  • Bottle opener
  • Deck of playing cards or other card game
  • Small speaker
  • Large blanket
  • Sunglasses
Pouring Wind for Picnic

Keep Wine Picnics Cool With a PackIt Freezable Wine Cooler Bag

We're putting the fresh in refreshment. Find out how much easier it is to picnic with a freezable wine bag from PackIt. We've got you canned wine, hard seltzer and beer lovers covered too with our Zuma cooler.

Pair & Share

Light, refreshing wine varietals are best for an outdoor picnic. The wine you bring will help you decide which cheese to pair. Here are a few recommendations for warm weather wines and ideal pairings.

  • Rose Choose a fresh cheese like Burrata.
  • Sauvignon Blanc. Goat cheese is a classic pairing.
  • Pinot Noir (or any other light and fruity red like Gamay or Cinsault). Try Gruyere with any of these soft reds.
  • Fresh fruit
  • Crudité with a dip like hummus or ranch
  • Wraps
  • Seasoned almonds
  • Mixed olives
Packing Wine for Picnic

You don't have to worry about keeping the food fresh with a freezable lunch bag.

It's Wine Time!

Once the food is prepared, your wine is packed in a PackIt freezable wine cooler bag and your friends are ready to go, it's time to sit back and enjoy good times with good people. Cheers!