Steps to a Successful Wine Trip

Steps to a Successful Wine Trip

Whether it’s #WineWednesday or a Saturday afternoon, there is never a bad time to have an evening filled with wine! Our Freezable Wine Bags allow you to bring any bottle of wine and keep it cool throughout the day. That’s the beauty of our bags; you don’t need to lug around a bag of ice and a big tin bucket to store it in. Our freezable wine bags eliminate the weight and trouble of keeping your wine cool on the go.



Since warmer weather is ahead for all of us, it’s only appropriate that we share some tips on how to have a successful wine trip! When you think about a wine trip, it may seem simple, just show up to a location, drink wine, and call it a good time! However, there are little things you can do to take your wine trip to the next level!

First, you need to gather a small group of friends that are ready to have a good time, ones who can just sit back and relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Good company is key! Once you’ve gathered your group of friends and have them excited about a wine outing, choosing the location will be your next crucial decision. The ideal place and time to drink wine is on a warmer day in the afternoon, not too hot and not too cold. Before locking in a location, be sure to check your weather forecast and find a sunny day to enjoy your bottle of Pinot. You want to be able to enjoy your new floral dress you bought without having to cover up with a jacket to stop you from shivering!



Once you’ve invited your guests and found the perfect location, it’s time to plan the little details that can make or break your wine trip! Here’s a quick checklist of what you’ll need: finger foods and snacks, a cheese board – of course, Freezable PackIt Wine Bag – to keep your wine chilled, a bottle opener, a fun and simple card game to get conversation going, a small speaker – for music to set the scene, water, a large blanket, and a your sunnies.

When packing your snacks, think about foods that aren’t too messy and easy to eat with one hand, because the other hand will be holding your glass of wine of course! Some delicious and easy options are humus, seasoned almonds, mixed olives, sliced fruit, crackers, or veggies to dip in the humus. You can’t forget to pack a cheese board; it’s a must-have when you're drinking wine! Depending on the wine you bring, this will help you decide which cheese to pair with it. Also, be sure to bring water to stay hydrated while you are out in the sun enjoying good food, wine, and company.



The nice thing about our Freezable Picnic Tote is the large capacity with dry compartments; you could fit all of these foods, drinks, utensils, speaker, and game all in one bag. Who doesn’t want to make life easier by only packing one bag? Now if you’re not the one to bring all the foods, but you are bringing the wine, then our Freezable Wine Bag would be the next best choice. It hugs a bottle of wine perfectly keeping it completely cool throughout the day.

 Once your food is prepared, your wine is selected, and friends are ready to go, it’s time to sit back and enjoy! One last thing you don’t want to forget, is to take pictures while you’re there. It’s always fun looking back and enjoying the fun times you had with all your friends!


Make our Freezable Celebration Dot Wine Bag, featured in this post, your best friend for your next wine trip! Share with us how you had a successful wine trip by posting on social media and using the hashtag #packitcool

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