Whether it’s a family picnic, a picnic with your friends, or with your long-time crush – a picnic is the perfect opportunity to enjoy one another’s company over delicious food and good laughs. We have a few tips for you today that will have you picnicking like a pro! Our Freezable Picnic Tote  will help you transform any ordinary picnic into the ultimate get-together. This bag allows you to pack all of your essentials into one and keep everything cool on-the-go!

First you want to choose a theme for you picnic! Nothing says summer time like a picnic, so for today’s picnic we went with a summer theme that will have you ready for those warmer days. Once you choose your theme, whether its for Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, or a bridal party, make sure to carry out this theme with your food and decorations. Don’t forget that the little details will take your picnic from good to great!

Before your picnic you want to pre-make all the food, that can mean the morning of or the day before, but having your food prepared will make your life easier. You want your food to be fresh, but you also want to bring colder foods since your picnic will more than likely be on a sunny day. Some great drink options are fresh lemonade, a green tea or fruit flavored tea, a White Wine Sangria, and don’t forget water to stay hydrated outside! A few staple items that seem to be necessary at any picnic outing is cheese and wine. Now you don’t have to include these items, but they will always be a hit with your guests.

When you think about what food to bring, think about smaller and lighter foods. Something like a cold pasta salad with veggies and protein, or small bite sized sandwiches, as well as different options of humus for dipping. A variety of fruit is great to snack on as well as non-perishable food like nuts, crackers for the cheese, pita bread, pretzels, or popcorn. Our Freezable Picnic Bag will easily fit all of your items to keep them cool and fresh as you enjoy your picnic. The Picnic Bag also has two large dry pocket options that allow you to store your utensils, napkins, and personal items without worrying about them getting wet. Both of these bags will also store your belongings in an upright position to ensure that your drinks or containers don’t spill while being transported.


You want to make sure you find a shady spot that you can lay out your blanket and pillows for you guest. Just incase you don’t have any luck finding shade; bring a large umbrella to cover an area of your blanket. The blanket and pillows you choose can help you tie back into the theme that you are going with for your picnic.

Bring along some activities that you can do while outside, like a Frisbee or ball to play catch or maybe even a card game to play while you sit. Make a good playlist and bring a small portable speaker to set the tone of the picnic. Spotify has a ton of pre-made playlists that can help you easily find the perfect tunes to play in the background. And don’t forget to bring sunscreen, utensils, plenty of napkins, wipes, and a trash bag.



Make your next picnic a fun and memorable experience with our Freezable Picnic Bag and before you know it you will be picnicking like a pro!

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