The Best Lunch Bags for Kids

Best Spaceman Lunch Bag for Kids from PackIt

At certain ages, we will have different needs, especially when it comes to food! At the age of 5 we weren’t eating as much as we were in high school, so today we are giving you a guide to follow when it comes to choosing the right lunch bag for your little ones!

First, let’s find the perfect lunch bag for you little ones from ages 4 to 7 years old. Our Freezable Mini Snack Bag is 8 inches in height and 8 inches wide, 3 inches deep. This bag is smaller than our Freezable Lunch Bag, making it easier for the younger kids to carry it around school. The next bag that would be a great fit is our Freezable Upright Lunch Box. This bag sits upright with a handle on the top and a dry pocket in the front. This bag is larger than our mini bags in height, but very similar to the Mini Lunch Bag in width and depth. The Upright Lunch Box is 10.2 inches high, 7 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. Both bags come in patterns for all genders and will cool your food for the same amount of time, and have a buckle on the handle to easily clip onto a backpack.

Now your kids are growing up and their now in elementary school, looking for something a little more their style, that will hold all the food they want to eat. Let’s look at our Freezable Classic Lunch Box, a bag similar to the Upright Lunch Box, with slight differences and more sophisticated prints. The Classic Lunch Box is wider than it is taller and deeper than both the Upright Lunch Box and Mini Lunch Bag. This bag is the only horizontal lunch box we offer with a top load design to make it easy to store flat containers like bento boxes.

The next bag great for your child ages 8 – 14 years is our Freezable Lunch Bag. These bags are one of our best sellers because of the large capacity and many prints its offered in. When your child is now entering 5th or 6th grade, this is the perfect time for them to use a Freezable Lunch Bag. This bag is sophisticated enough to match your child’s desire to look more mature and step up their lunch game at school. This bag will last them and be able to store a full lunch along with snacks for after school!

While the Freezable Lunch Bag would be a great fit for you child through middle school until high school, when they are now becoming Sophomores or turning 15 years old, they might start wanting a new disguised look to their lunch bag. Therefore our Carryall Lunch Bag and Traveler Lunch Bag would be perfect for them. These freezable bags don’t look like your ordinary lunch bag, they look like a hand bag and is easier to carry around. The Freezable Carryall Cooler Bag has a shoulder strap for carrying convenience and has a slip pocket to fit pocket utensils and personal items. The Freezable Kids Lunch Bags and Boxes have a top load design to quickly grab a drink or snack from in-between classes, as well as a front dry pocket to put your utensils. Both lunch bags have wide bases to carry larger containers and drinks in without worrying it will spill.

We hope this article made it a little easier for you when it comes time to choose the best Freezable Lunch Bag for your children.