PackIt's Lunch Box Buying Guide

PackIt's Lunch Box Buying Guide

So, you've discovered PackIt's ingenious lunch box and lunch bag coolers and are ready to trade bulky and ineffective ice packs for built-in freezable gel walls that keep contents cool for hours. PackIt's foldable, freezable lunch bags are the best way to safely take healthy, preservative-free foods on the go, but which one is right for you? Keep reading to learn more about the PackIt collection and find the lunch box or bag that will keep you cool and collected.

Customizable Bento Containers

Lunch Box or Lunch Bag? Get a Handle on Design.

One of the first things to consider when choosing between a lunch box and a lunch bag is how you will carry it. The classic lunch box is used horizontally and carried vertically (PackIt has solved the issue of food sliding, squishing and leaking in a horizontal lunchbox – more on that later), while a lunch bag or tote stays upright through packing, transporting and unpacking.

Backpacks and work bags can fill up fast, displacing food storage items. When this happens, the grip-it or clip-it handle on PackIt's lunch bags, lunch boxes and snack boxes is ideal for those who don't want to be left holding the bag.

Lunch Boxes Got You Bent Out of Shape? You Need a Bento.

Not all bento boxes are created equal, but PackIt's customizable bento containers are the answer to the modern lunch box.

Bento boxes have a reputation for being harder to clean, thanks to their multiple compartments. They are also known to crack, stain and spill. Anyone who has tried one in their horizontal lunch box may have been disappointed with a leaky mess. Another common issue is bento boxes don't always fit inside lunch boxes and bags.

If you haven't successfully added a bento box to your lunchtime routine yet, try the adjustable and leak-proof PackIt Mod Bento Box. The beauty is in the removable separators, which can be placed where you need them for the day's meal. Once they are snapped in, they can even keep viscous liquids, like salad dressings, from spilling out. Every PackIt lunch bag and lunch box can hold a Mod Lunch Bento Container and Mod Snack Bento Container, most with extra room to spare.

PackIt Mod bentos:

  • Eliminate single-use plastics.
  • Are easy to clean. One dishwasher-safe container versus cleaning, organizing and keeping up with multiple containers…and their lids.
  • Help with portion control.
  • Keep foods separate, a big plus for picky eaters.
  • Can be packed without packaging, allowing you to buy in bulk (and if you're sending it to school with a young child, teachers appreciate when students can eat without needing help opening wrappers).
  • Are the perfect all-in-one salad container.
Large Lunch Bags

Size Up the Right Lunch Bag

When you browse PackIt's lunch bags for men, lunch bags for women, which include coolers that are perfect for nursing moms, and lunch bags for kids, you will notice there's something for everyone. The PackIt line of products comes in various shapes and sizes, from roomy coolers to petite carriers, so you can find one that fits your needs.

Live Large Lunch Bags

Big eaters, those away from home for extended periods, or anyone carrying food and drink for others needs one of PackIt's large lunch bags.

The Freezable Lunch Bag and Hampton Lunch Tote can hold a meal, plenty of snacks and a drink, but the tote is bigger and has shoulder straps.

The Zuma Cooler fits up to 15 12-oz cans plus food, making it the perfect companion for boating, picnics, day trips and more. Its adjustable shoulder strap can be worn crossbody for added comfort.

Small Wonders for Healthy Foods & More

Calling all super snackers, kiddo caregivers and makeup mavens – PackIt's small lunch boxes and bags will help you get through the day in ways you might not expect. These freezable snack bags and boxes fit easily into larger bags. Their on-the-go size is ideal for keeping food, drinks and medicine cool, and when temperatures rise, you won't sweat the small stuff. If your things are out on a hot day, you can prevent toiletries, makeup and even your phone from overheating by stashing them inside the chilled walls. There are so many options with these mini lunch boxes.

Keep in mind that the snack bag does not have a handle, clippable or otherwise, so the snack box is the way to go if you want to attach it to a bag, bike or stroller, and it may be better suited for small children to carry.

Cute Prints and Patterns for Adult Lunch Boxes

Lunch Box Prints & Patterns

While some of the PackIt collection features kid-friendly designs, there are plenty of cute lunch boxes for adults, too. Check out some of our most popular patterns and colors:

Frequently Asked Questions About PackIt Coolers

The PackIt product line is easy to care for and keep clean. Below we've answered common questions about maintaining your PackIt lunch box or bag.

Are PackIt Coolers Mold Resistant?

Freezing temperatures don't kill mold. Regular cleaning is required to prevent fungus.

Will Condensation Form Inside the PackIt?

If you put warm food into a frozen PackIt, condensation will form. However, if the PackIt is not frozen, it will act as an insulated lunch box for warm foods.

What Is the Best Way to Clean My PackIt?

PackIt lunch bags and lunch boxes need to be regularly wiped clean with an all-purpose wipe, or soap and water, and allowed to dry completely.

Freezable Snack Bags

Find the Perfect PackIt Lunch Box or Lunch Bag Now

Now that you know all about PackIt's lunch boxes, bags and bento boxes, it's time to see how easy, fun and stylish it can be to pack and eat healthy, fresh meals on the go. You may even have some ideas for how PackIt can help you keep cool with other necessities like breast milk and medications. Whenever you need to take your fridge's chilly temps with you, you need PackIt. Browse the collection today!