Reviewing the Best PackIt Lunch Bags with Straps That Are Easy To Carry Around

Reviewing the Best PackIt Lunch Bags with Straps That Are Easy To Carry Around

Are you juggling more than you can handle trying to get out the door with a packed meal? We're here to help with the best lunch bags for hands-free carry. Meet PackIt. The only lunch bags that can spend a night in the freezer and become cooler while also featuring a thoughtful design that allows you to transport lunch your way.

From a fashionable lunch bag with shoulder straps to a cute, modern lunch box with a strap you can carry or clip, we're reviewing the best lunch bags that don't need hand-holding to get from here to there.

Best Lunch Bags

A Lunch Bag With Shoulder Straps That Won't Weigh You Down

If you've got your hands full leaving home with your lunch in tow, try a lunch bag with shoulder straps. Although any shoulder lunch bag will free up your hands, you can improve your commute and eating on the go with the ingenious Hampton Lunch Tote Bag. Thanks to PackIt's inventive cooling system that keeps contents fresh for hours, it's the best lunch bag with shoulder straps.

Like all of PackIt's innovative freezable lunch bags, the Hampton Tote has freezable gel built right into its walls. It folds easily to fit in your freezer and, once frozen, expands into a roomy, fridge-cold carrier. Its wide rectangular base enables you to keep a meal, snacks and a drink cold without the added weight of ice packs.

Whether you're searching for a kid's, men's or women's lunch bag with shoulder straps, there's something for everyone in the stylish selection of colors and patterns, including:

Sturdy yet lightweight construction and long, comfortable straps make this shoulder lunch bag perfect for commuting to work or school.

Buckle Up With a Lunch Bag & Classic Lunch Box With Straps

If you don't want a lunch box with a shoulder strap or are looking for something more compact than a tote, grab a hold of the buckle straps on PackIt's Lunch Bag and Classic Lunch Box – or don't. The straps can be clipped to a larger bag, backpack or stroller, and the smaller size of the lunch bag and horizontal lunch box makes them easy to carry inside other bags, space permitting.

Stow, hold or attach – with these lunch box straps, you have options.

Lunch Box with Strap

Carry On With the Best Lunch Bags

No access to a fridge? Avoiding the gross shared fridge at your workplace? Depending on external temperatures, PackIt keeps food chilled in your vehicle, desk or locker for hours. Save your lunch money and skip the communal food storage space that's anything but appetizing with portable, reusable, ice-cold lunch totes, bags and boxes.

Whether you carry shoulder straps or hands-optional handles, PackIt has the best lunch bags for keeping food fresh on the go.

Browse the PackIt Collection & Find the Best Lunch Bag for You

Give ice packs the cold shoulder with PackIt's shoulder lunch bag, or get your hands on flexible buckle straps that can hang on wherever your day takes you.

Featuring a variety of adaptable sizes and designs, these are the best lunch bags for anyone needing a healthy, hassle-free packed lunch. When you're ready to let go and keep cool, put your hands together for PackIt.