Insulated Grocery Bags vs. PackIt’s Freezable Grocery Bag

Insulated Grocery Bags vs. PackIt’s Freezable Grocery Bag

There are an increasing number of reasons why people choose reusable grocery tote bags, like insulated grocery bags, instead of paper or plastic. Whether shopping with a retailer that doesn't provide bags, living in a place with a plastic bag ban or doing your part to eliminate single-use items, using zero-waste grocery tote bags is a convenience you can feel good about.

An insulated, reusable grocery bag is considered the best option, but it's time for an upgrade with game-changing cooling technology in the PackIt freezable grocery bag.

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Freezable, Foldable, Reusable Grocery Bags

What's so great about insulated grocery bags? Plenty! They're eco-friendly, relatively sturdy and generally roomier than a paper or plastic bag. You won't be charged for bags at the store, and some grocery stores may even offer a discount for bringing in your own reusable grocery bags.

Some insulated grocery bags can help keep food at the correct temperature during transport – but not for long. Perishable foods are unsafe to eat after two hours without refrigeration or only an hour if it's over 90 degrees. This leaves many foods at risk of spoiling if you don't put them away quickly enough, including:

  • Red meats
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Dairy
  • Raw fruits
  • Raw vegetables

On the other hand, PackIt's foldable, reusable grocery bag is lined with freezable gel that keeps foods safer for longer. It fits easily in your freezer overnight and expands into a frozen grocery tote bag. Now foods can stay fresh and cold for hours longer than with a typical insulated grocery bag!

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PackIt Freezable Grocery Bag Benefits

The PackIt freezable grocery bag gives you time. Grocery shopping doesn't have to be a one-errand trip. With your food safely packed inside the frozen walls, you're free to make additional stops after the grocery store without worrying about spoilage. Plus, the PackIt reusable grocery tote bag is easy to load and carry thanks to its:

  • Structured walls
  • Vertical design
  • Spacious interior
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
Eco-Friendly Grocery Bag

A Better Way to Shop, Drive & Deliver Groceries

Whether you are shopping for your household or are a shopper-driver for a delivery network company, it's equally important to get foods home fresh, and a freezable grocery bag helps you get the job done.

If you deliver groceries for a living, you are probably used to loading your customers' groceries into insulated grocery bags during transport. Just think about how much easier it will be to get the freshest meat, dairy and produce to their doorstep or yours using a freezable grocery bag that's like a cooler with built-in ice packs.

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With PackIt's freezable grocery bag at the store or farmers market, you can worry less about food safety, waste and timing. PackIt's innovative line of products has made lunches, picnics and trips fresher and easier. From freezable wine bags to lunch bags with built-in gel packs, it's never been simpler to enjoy food and drinks on the go.