Best Lunchtime Solutions To Keep Your Lunch Cold Without an Ice Pack

Best Lunchtime Solutions To Keep Your Lunch Cold Without an Ice Pack

Every savvy lunch packer knows a cool lunch tastes better and is safer, to boot. The U.S. Department of Agriculture warns that food should be kept below 40° F to prevent the growth of bacteria. But how do you keep a lunch cold without refrigeration?

Never fear — this article will review common ways to keep a lunch cold and show how PackIt is the best freezable lunch bag, perfect for any occasion. See for yourself how PackIt makes lunchtime dreams a refreshing reality.

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How to Keep a Lunch Cold Without Refrigeration

Nobody can carry a fridge around with them. And not everyone has access to one to store their food till lunchtime. As a result, people try all sorts of ways to keep lunches cold without refrigeration. Let's look at some of them and see what the drawbacks are.

Loose Ice

An old-school solution, loose ice spells disaster. It might keep your lunch cold initially, but once the ice thaws, you have a soggy disappointment on your hands.

PackIt steers clear of sad sogginess thanks to its innovative fold-and-freeze approach. With PackIt's thoughtfully designed bags and boxes, you'll never have to deal with a lukewarm letdown.

Lunch Bags With Ice Packs

Some people try lunch bags with ice packs to keep their food cool. But ice packs turn into a melty mess, and you usually need several of them to get the temperature right. Plus, they're easy to accidentally throw out with the other litter from your lunch.

On the other hand, PackIt has ice packs built into its walls, delivering cool convenience to keep your delights delectable. Whether you need large lunch boxes or small lunch bags, PackIt has your back with selections you'll love.

Frozen Water Bottles or Juice Boxes

Instead of packing their lunch bags with ice packs, some people use a frozen water bottle or juice box. First of all, there's no guarantee a frozen drink will keep a lunch cold for hours. Secondly, as frozen drinks thaw, they create condensation, making the rest of the lunch a drippy mess.

But PackIt keeps your lunch cool with no fuss or muss. There are great options for men's lunch boxes and women's lunch bags, as well as a whole range of fun kids' lunch bags for boys and girls. PackIt lets you keep your lunch cool with flair.

Best Freezable Lunch Bag

Freezer Food

Another school of thought suggests completely freezing your lunch for 24 hours before packing it. One immediate drawback to this approach is the amount of planning it requires. Another problem is that freezing wrecks many lunchtime favorites. Plus, you have no idea of whether your sandwich will thaw in time.

With PackIt, the only thing you need to freeze is the bag, and you're left with a delicious lunch every time. PackIt keeps your lunch perfectly cool without sacrificing taste or texture.


Thermoses are great for cold drinks or hot soups, but they don't work so well on sandwiches, fruit or yogurt containers.

Because PackIt is a lunch box you can freeze, it keeps your entire lunch cool easily and conveniently. When fall rolls around, don't set your kids up for failure with a Thermos. Take advantage of PackIt's fun-filled lineup of back-to-school lunch boxes and send your kids to school in style.


Some people opt to carry their lunches in insulated coolers. These hard-sided containers are clunky and hard to store. Plus, they still need ice packs to keep their contents cool.

PackIt isn't just the best lunch box to keep things cold — it's also the most convenient. At work or school, it's easy to fold up your PackIt and stow it away for the trip home. Our on-the-go lunch bags are the ultimate freeze-and-go solution.

Bento Boxes

Bento boxes are a fashionable lunch box option, and some people try to combine them with ice packs with unsurprisingly drippy results. Traditional bento boxes have rigid compartments, so fitting in all your lunch items can be challenging.

PackIt's customizable bento boxes meet that challenge, taking lunches to the next level. Our exciting lineup features removable compartment dividers and pairs perfectly with many of our lunch bags and boxes. Fashion meets function with our flexible bento boxes.

Beyond the Best Freezable Lunch Box

PackIt is the best freezable lunch box for kids and adults. But we've got something up our sleeve for babies and toddlers, too. Our freezable snack bags let you take your tots' favorite snacks along for on-the-go fun and feeding. Available in various colors and patterns, they stow neatly in your tote bag.

Plus, we offer bags to keep your baby bottles, drinks and groceries cold. Whatever you need to cool, PackIt has the answer.

How to Keep Your Lunch Cold Without Ice Packs the PackIt Way

If you're wondering how to keep your lunch cold without ice packs, PackIt's innovative construction shows the way. We build our patented cooling technology into the walls of every PackIt. Leaky, inconvenient ice packs are a thing of the past when you pick PackIt. With EcoFreeze®, you can easily fold and freeze your PackIt, so it'll be ready for your next adventure.

By freezing the bag itself, PackIt eliminates the need for pesky ice packs. No more wrestling with slippery gel packs or worrying about melting ice dousing your perfectly packed lunch. PackIt takes care of it all in one fell swoop.

Best Freezable Lunch Bag

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Freezable Lunch Bag

As the designer of the best freezable lunch bag, we're always glad to field questions about our products. Check out the questions below, and feel free to contact us for additional information.

How Do I Freeze My PackIt Lunch Bag?

Freezing the PackIt lunch bag is simple! Just fold it flat and place it in the freezer overnight or for at least 12 hours. Once frozen, it's ready to keep your lunch cool and fresh.

How Do I Clean My PackIt Lunch Bag?

To clean a PackIt lunch bag, wipe the interior with a damp cloth or sponge. You can also spot-clean the exterior. Allow your bag to dry completely before freezing.

Is My PackIt Lunch Bag Free of PVCs?

All our products are PVC-, BPA-, phthalate- and lead-free and feature a food-safe lining.

Order the Best Freezable Lunch Bag from PackIt Today

As the best freezable lunch bag on the market, PackIt brings a new twist to the lunchtime game. No more lugging around melty ice packs or bulky coolers. Say goodbye to wonky water bottles and thankless thermoses. PackIt's foldable, freezable lunch boxes and bags give a whole new meaning to lunchtime coolness. Just freeze the bag, and you're ready to keep things fresh and fabulous. Find your perfect PackIt today.

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