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Freezable Can Cooler For Father's Day - Dad Gone Fishing

Some of the first thoughts I had when my wife told me she was pregnant was realizing that all of the fun things I love doing were going to cease. The things I did kind of made up who “I” am. So who am I if I’m not chasing down snow storms in the winter to snowboard fresh powder or not leaving to backpack for 5 days in the Sierra Nevada mountains? Who am I going to be sharing these adventures with? Who’s going to appreciate how special that moment was? Will my friends want to hang out with an infant or toddler when they don’t have kids? Will they be ok with the challenges of getting a little kid into the woods and safe with plenty of snacks and breaks?  So what am I going to be with this little blob of drooling flesh that refuses to let me sleep and wants to spit up on me every time he sees a clean shirt on?