Waste-Free Lunch Packing With PackIt

Waste-Free Lunch Packing With PackIt

Wasteless living is a goal for more and more families. It helps the environment — and families' pocketbooks. While going completely green might seem like a massive undertaking, it's the little things that are often the most significant. A waste-free lunch is an easy, sustainable way to start the journey toward wasteless living.

This article will review lunch-packing ideas to create a trash-free lunch, and we'll look at the role PackIt's freezable lunch boxes and bags can play in your efforts. As we dive into the world of zero-waste lunches with PackIt, let's remember: every bite counts, and so does the way we pack it!

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Zero Waste Lunch

What Not to Pack In a Waste-Free Lunch

While we're all excited about our journey towards green lunches, let's hit pause and chat about some usual suspects that need to be left out of our lunchbox party for a genuinely waste-free lunch:

  • Single-use plastics: Ever looked at a sandwich bag, plastic fork or straw and thought, "It's so small. Does it really matter?" Multiply that by millions of people, and suddenly, we've got a plastic parade we didn't sign up for. Some sources estimate we send 20 million plastic sandwich and snack bags to the trash every day. These little culprits might seem convenient, but they linger around our planet way longer than lunchtime.
  • Disposable drink boxes: We all love a refreshing sip with our sandwiches, but those drink boxes? Not so refreshing for Mother Earth. Around 73% of Tetra Paks — a popular type of disposable juice box — go straight to the landfill or incinerator.
  • Styrofoam: Picture this — it's 3023, and archaeologists are still finding our Styrofoam containers. Yikes! Styrofoam is notoriously hard to degrade and has no place in our sustainable lunch brigade.

By avoiding these lunchbox landmines, we're not just giving a nod to nature with a trash-free lunch, but we're also embracing a healthier, more conscious way of eating. Let’s face it: A meal tastes so much better when it's wrapped in love for the planet!

4 Waste-Free Lunch Must-Haves

Ready to embark on the eco-journey to a waste-free lunch? Let's dive deep into the four most essential tools and swaps that will make your lunchbox the envy of every eco-friendly fan out there. Here's the ultimate checklist:

1. Durable Cutlery and Straws

Wave goodbye to those flimsy plastic forks and knives. Embrace the chic and durable world of stainless steel or the rustic charm of bamboo alternatives. Thrift stores are an excellent source of stainless steel cutlery, and you can always find bamboo options online. As for straws, the reusable ones aren’t just sustainable; they’re also a style statement! Whether you're sipping a smoothie or your daily iced coffee, do it with flair.

2. Cloth Napkins

Remember the soft cloth napkins grandma used to have? Time to bring them back in vogue. Durable, washable and so much prettier than the crumbly paper versions, they’re a win-win for you and the planet. Plus, there’s something undeniably classy about unfolding a cloth napkin, even if it's just for a sandwich.

3. Reusable Food Containers

Let’s break free from the tyranny of torn plastic wrap and the foil that never folds right. Reusable containers like our bento boxes are not only sleek and stylish but also airtight, ensuring your food stays fresher for longer. Our customizable bento containers let you set up the compartments to suit your zero-waste lunch perfectly. And the best part? You can see your delicious meal waiting for you, making lunchtime all the more exciting.

4. Beverage Containers

We’ve all been guilty of grabbing that convenient plastic bottle or juice box once in a while. But now, it's time for an upgrade. Refillable bottles are the way to go. Whether it's water, juice or your special homemade iced tea, keep it cool and fresh in your personal bottle. It's good for the Earth and, honestly, it just tastes better.

Reusable bento box food containers

PackIt: The Crowning Glory of Your Waste-Free Lunch

With the swaps outlined above, you won't just be minimizing waste; you'll be maximizing style and efficiency. But your efforts will be all for naught if you wrap everything in the same old brown paper bags. To get the most out of your waste-free lunch, you need PackIt's reusable, freezable lunch bags.

They're like the superheroes of lunch bags, designed with your needs in mind. Just fold your PackIt flat and pop it in the freezer, and it's good to go the next morning. By providing an option that can be frozen, PackIt does more than just ensure your food stays fresh without the need for pesky ice packs.

It also stands tall in the face of wasteful, disposable alternatives. Imagine a bag that eliminates the need for temporary solutions and lasts through years of lunches. That's PackIt for you — one of the best eco-friendly lunch bags around.

By choosing PackIt, you're not just opting for a lunch accessory but endorsing a lifestyle. A lifestyle that proudly proclaims: my lunch is waste-free, and it's cool in more ways than one!

Why a Waste-Free Lunch?

As outlined above, a waste-free lunch is an easy first step toward wasteless living. And it's an impactful step, as well. Consider that the average packed school lunch generates 67 pounds of waste a year.

Factor that over an entire school's population, and you get more than 18,000 pounds of waste generated by just one elementary school. And that doesn't count the lunches parents and other adults pack for themselves. Without zero-waste lunches, you're quickly talking about tons of lunch waste in landfills each year.

There's also an economical angle for people interested in packing lunches on a budget. Purchasing single-use products over and over again is a drain on your finances. By buying in bulk and opting for reusable containers and accessories, you can reverse that process and put money back in your pocket.

Beyond a Waste-Free Lunch

It's simple to move beyond a waste-free lunch and implement the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle in other aspects of your life. Our freezable snack bags are ideal for an on-the-go day with the kids. And you can combine our can cooler bag with the reusable accessories outlined above for a waste-free picnic, hike or adventure. We even have you covered with freezable grocery totes for zero-waste shopping.

Trash Free Lunch

FAQs & Info About Waste-Free Lunches

PackIt is a trusted source for a wide range of information about freezable lunch bags and waste-free lunches. Read on for the answers you've been looking for.

What Is a Waste-Free Lunch?

A waste-free lunch is a meal that avoids single-use items like sandwich bags, straws, plastic utensils, juice boxes and paper lunch bags.

How to Pack a Waste-Free Lunch

To pack a waste-free lunch, you must include reusable food and beverage containers, durable flatware and cloth napkins and stow it all in a reusable lunch box like PackIt's freezable lunch bag.

How Do I Start Living a Waste-Free Life?

You can start living a waste-free life by taking small steps like buying in bulk, purchasing fewer single-use items and packing a trash-free lunch.

Make the Most of Your Waste-Free Lunch With PackIt

Our reusable, freezable lunch bags are the ideal complement to your waste-free lunch. They're made from food-safe, nontoxic materials free of harmful substances, such as PVC, BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde and lead. Our bags are easy to clean and a cinch to store in your freezer. Take your first step toward a zero-waste lunch with PackIt. Here's to lunches that look good, taste good and do good!

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