PackIt is more than just a cooler company. It's a community of creative minds committed to bringing you the very best products to help you live better. Here are the values we live by.

Be Impactful

We want our products to do what they claim and make a difference. It's what you should expect when you invest your trust and hard-earned money in something new. We only want to create products that surprise you with their cleverness. Because the more intelligent the solution, the smarter the choices you can make. 

Be Passionate

We love what we do, and we want to share it with the world. We put so much effort into choosing the perfect materials, colors and designs for you that we can't help but geek out a little over the end result. That unabashed joy is infectious, and it's something we hope you feel the first time you encounter our products.

Be Purposeful

Intentions matter, so every detail of our products has a purpose. It's not just what they do or how they look. It's how it all comes together in perfect harmony. Each product should do more with less, and offer something you never knew you needed but that you can't live without once you experience it. It's all possible when you take the time to think of everything.

Be Genuine

We’re not simply the first people to make a cooler that actually cools. We’re the first to truly care whether cooling products can exceed your expectations. Everything we do should respect your time, lifestyle and budget. If we ever miss the mark, we’ll be the first to admit it and make things right.