Eco-Friendly Lunch Boxes

Eco-Friendly Lunch Boxes

With PackIt's eco-friendly lunch box, you can pack a delicious, healthy lunch and feel good about it. Our non-toxic lunch box is free of chemicals like BPA. Plus, our non-toxic bento box fits perfectly in our kids' lunch boxes and bags. Enjoy all of the convenience and none of the worry with PackIt.

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Non-Toxic Lunch Box

An Eco-Friendly Lunch Box Designed for Your Needs

Everything about our eco-friendly lunch box is created to make your life easier. It's crystal-clear, so you can always see what you packed, and it's shatter-resistant, making lunch-ending accidents a thing of the past. Our lunch containers aren't just about safety — they're about giving you the freedom to lunch YOUR way. These bento box containers perfectly represent the bento philosophy, which embodies variety, organization and a delightful meal experience. The multiple compartments of our eco-friendly lunch box let you separate your crunchy carrots from your juicy strawberries, your pasta salad from your chocolate chip cookies. Plus, you can keep your crisp salad apart from your dressing until you're ready to combine the two, ensuring a sog-free lunch.

But here's where it gets even better: customization. PackIt doesn't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to our BPA-free lunch container. Whether you're a grazer who loves multiple snack options or someone who adores a main dish with two sides, this lunch box flexes to fit your needs. Adjust the compartments, play around with the sizes and truly make this box your own.

Non-Toxic Bento Box

An Eco-Friendly Lunch Box That Delivers a Win-Win

In today's world, sustainability isn't just a buzzword — and PackIt's eco-friendly lunch box stands out as a champion of green choices. One of the primary benefits of using our container is the dramatic reduction in daily waste. Forget disposable plastic bags, aluminum foil or single-use containers. Our non-toxic lunch box is designed for the long haul, meaning fewer items end up in the landfill and a significant decrease in your carbon footprint.

Made from durable Tritan™, this lunch box isn't just about being toxin-free. Its longevity means fewer replacements over time. Instead of buying multiple low-quality lunch containers that break or wear out, you get a long-lasting solution, leading to less overall consumption and waste.

Your Lunch, Your Way

With its sturdy lid and leak-resistant design, our eco-friendly lunch box keeps your meal fresh and delicious. By allowing you to portion meals wisely, it discourages food waste. You pack what you'll eat, eat what you pack, and reduce the unnecessary disposal of uneaten food. Whether you're snacking on apple slices and peanut butter or dining on last night's leftovers, our containers let you have your meal your way. Crave crispy chips alongside a juicy fruit salad? No problem. Everything stays in its place, ensuring each bite tastes just as you intended. You get to eat what you want, how you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions About PackIt's Eco-Friendly Lunch Box

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With PackIt, you can achieve your goals of an eco-friendly lunch box and a non-toxic lunch box all in one container. We give you the freedom to pack a safe, fresh, delicious lunch every day of the week. Purchase a non-toxic bento box now and take advantage of everything we offer.