Did you know you can use our Bento Box beyond just lunch? We are sharing 3 different Bento Box hacks and tips today that can help you get the most out of one container! Read on below to learn more about how to build/organize your Bento Box container.

Bento Box Hack #1 – Use Your Bento for Traveling

If you know you'll be traveling on the road for hours this holiday season, try organizing your beauty products in our Bento Box. This will keep these items from melting! Nothing is worse than opening your middle consul to find chapstick melted everywhere... So before you hit the road for a weekend holiday vacay, store your valuable items in a safe and smart way!


Bento Box Hack #2 – DIY Your Bento to Teach Your Kids About Nutrition

This DIY Bento Container Lid project is a great way to interact with your children, get them thinking creatively, and the chance to teach them about healthy food portions. We used squeeze paint on the lid to label the different compartments – this way when your child packs their lunch, they are reminded of healthy portion sizes and the types of food they should be eating!

Bento Box Hack #3 – Organize Food and Drink Condiments

Going to a tailgate or Sunday Brunch for some drinks? With PackIt's Bento Container you can easily organize different food condiments such as toppings for hamburgers and hotdogs! Also try filling your Bento Container with drink garnishes, like fruit slices or berries layered on toothpicks, all in an organized and clean way!

We have a variety of women's lunch bags, men's lunch coolers, and bento boxes available to purchase in our store, from the mod snack bento container to the mod lunch bento container, and much more. These can be great gifts over the holidays or a product you can use for traveling, gathering, and living a healthy lifestyle! Reach out to us today to learn more about our Bento Boxes.

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