Bento Box Benefits That Make Packing Lunch Cool Again

Bento Box Benefits That Make Packing Lunch Cool Again

Packing lunch can be such a chore, but the many benefits of bento lunch box containers make it easier than ever to eat on the go.

Not only does the PackIt bento box lunch box keep food fresh until it's time to eat, but these customizable compartmentalized lunch boxes also make preparing lunches and snacks faster and easier. Keep reading to discover more bento box benefits and why they are the best choice — even for the pickiest eaters!

Benefits of Bento Lunch Box Containers

You may have heard of healthy bento box lunch ideas or seen the adorable character bento box lunches on Instagram or TikTok. Besides being super cute and incredibly trendy, there are benefits of bento lunch box containers that you probably haven't considered. Let's explore some of the leading bento box benefits.

What Are Bento Boxes?

Before we get started, what are bento boxes? Bento lunch boxes are reusable Japanese-style single-serving food storage containers designed to keep each item separate and fresh. They are similar to an American lunchbox, but instead of needing individual containers for each food, all the components are packed together in one compact container.

1. Bento Box Benefits a Streamlined Lunch

The word "bento" originates from a Chinese slang term that means "convenient," and these boxes definitely live up to the name! They eliminate the need to carry multiple containers by keeping food separate with removable leak-resistant dividers. This all-in-one food container provides an elegant alternative to brown bags and frumpy lunch boxes.

2. Modern Compartmentalized Lunch Boxes

The traditional Japanese bento lunch box was made of bamboo or wood, but bento box lunch boxes made of these materials can be heavy and hard to clean. Present-day boxes have evolved, but not all compartmentalized lunch boxes are created equal.

PackIt upgrades these outdated bento lunch box materials with modern materials and design. The Tritan™ plastic base is BPA-free, shatter-resistant and crystal clear. Our bento box lunch box resists stains and can also be used in the microwave without melting or warping. They also fit nicely in our lunch boxes for women and lunch boxes for men.

3. Eco-Friendly Benefits of Bento Lunch Box Containers

One of the best bento box benefits is that they are environmentally friendly. Unlike brown bags, plastic wrap, foil, wax paper and plastic baggies, a bento lunch box is reusable. They eliminate single-use packaging and are more durable than your typical disposable storage containers.

4. The PackIt Bento Lunch Box Keeps Food Fresh

Another bento box benefit is that they are designed to stay sealed to protect your food from spills and leaks. The tight seal and snap-in dividers keep air out and everything in its place. Each bento box lunch container is designed to fit select PackIt Freezable Bags, so your meals stay cool and fresh.

Flexible Bento Lunch Box

5. Provides a Cooler School Lunch Experience

Up your kid's packed lunch game with a bento box! Benefits include:

  • Foods don't touch
  • No smooshed sandwiches
  • Makes lunch more interesting
  • Fun styling and colors

Flexible compartmentalized lunch boxes allow you to pack the perfect lunch every time — even for the pickiest eaters.

6. Easy to Clean

One of the most helpful benefits of bento lunch box containers is that they streamline cleanup. Instead of multiple storage containers, there's only one bento box lunch box to deal with. Both the Mod Lunch Bento Lunch Box and Mod Snack Bento Container are dishwasher-safe on the top rack, so that you can get out of the kitchen faster.

7. Clutter-Busting Benefits of Bento Lunch Box Containers

Organizing storage containers is such a chore! And trying to find the correct lid is often an impossible dream. Minimizing clutter and saving space are two bento box benefits you'll be thankful for every single day. The PackIt bento lunch box snap-on lid and flat top allow you to stack them neatly.

8. A Bento Box Lunch Box Is Versatile

When heading to a party, you can easily organize condiments and accompaniments in a bento lunch box. Toppings for burgers or tacos, fruit garnishes for beverages, olives, pickles and even salad dressings can all be transported safely and compactly in a bento box.

Parents will enjoy other non-food bento box benefits, such as their ability to transport slime, stickers, board game pieces and Legos neatly when traveling. Crafty folks will also appreciate the multipurpose benefits of the bento lunch box. Embellishments, beads, brads, gemstones, needles, pins, buttons and more can be carried easily when you take your crafting on the road. Use your imagination when asking, "What are bento boxes good for?" and you'll be surprised at how many ways you can use them!

stackable benefits of bento lunch box

Create Customized Meals With PackIt Bento Box Lunch Box Modular Storage Containers

Now that you have discovered a few of our favorite bento box benefits, it's time to discover the benefits of bento lunch box containers for yourself! You'll love how one PackIt bento lunch box provides endless opportunities for fresh and tasty food — and more — on the go. Upgrade your lunch today with our customizable bento containers!