Kids are back in school. Yay!


It's also time to pack lunches. We love prepping and packing lunches for the whole family every day, said no one ever!

I am a parent myself so I empathize with all of you.

So here is one easy lunch idea that requires a PackIt Mod Lunch Bento Container, a PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag, and up to 4 ingredients.



PackIt Mod Bento Container


  • 8-10 crackers 
  • Deli meat or a thick spread like hummus (TIP: PackIt Mod Dividers keep viscous liquids in its place)
  • Cheese
  • Fruit or veggie slices 


PackIt Mod Bento Container Dividers

Take the dividers from the PackIt Mod Lunch Bento Container and slide and snap into channels. You should hear a "click" sound to know it's secured.

PackIt Mod Bento Container Lunch

Place the ingredients in each of the sections you created.

Close the container and store it in your favorite PackIt lunch bag. Freeze the bag overnight, pack the DIY lunchables and your kid(s) will be delighted that their lunch is still crisp and fresh by lunchtime. 

TIP: Find the right bag for your containers here.


Please share your go-to easy lunch recipes. We can all use the help :)


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